Frugal living: The best tips for being frugal and saving money

Some ideas for how to save money and to live frugaly.

In today’s economy, we are always looking for ways to cut costs and to live on less money. However, no one wants to live at a lower level, and you may not have to if you play your cards right.

A lot of tips for frugal living and saving money have been said over and over again on many websites, in many magazines and many books. Have you applied these tips already, or have you just read the articles over and over again?

Most likely you will want to do some tips that will all add up to big savings, but will not affect your life satisfaction very much.

One huge thing that I have noticed that will not alter your lifestyle very much, but could save a lot of money would be going to the library. They always have the newest books, so why bother buying brand new books that will probably only read once? They also have children’s books, so why bother buying your children books every month? Most libraries have a free video section, where you could rent movies on weekends. And if you are a magazine buff like me, you can cancel all of your subscriptions and find all of the newest editions of most magazines at the library!

Frugal living: The best tips for being frugal and saving money

As for entertainment, we as a society have forgotten about all of the free entertainment that we have been blessed with. Many museums are totally free. Taking a walk is free. Going to the beach (if you have one near you) is virtually free, and a wonderful way to spend a day! It’s also a safe and enjoyable way to spend quality time with the family- all ages love the beach!

Enter contests. Most people do not do this, as they have the “I won’t win” attitude, but that’s not always true. Sometimes if you look, and you stay persistent, you will find a gold mine where not many people enter certain contests, and you will win very frequently. I have personal experience with this. I had never won anything, and then I found a site where there are contests all the time, and I win a new DVD almost every month! You just have to find the right site, and be persistent. You then have the option of re-selling the merchandise for cash on eBay, or keeping the product for your family, or to use as a free gift for when a birthday pops up!

As for food, those Entertainment coupon books are usually a gold mine, especially for people that like to eat out a lot. However, eating out gets quite expensive and eating at home is a LOT cheaper, not to mention a lot healthier. Always sign up for any cards that the grocery store offers to get the sales prices, and when you can, shop for basic things that are not convenience foods. It may take some time to get used to making homemade food, but your family and your bank account will both love you for it!

You can make a game out of finding ways to live simpler, save money, and still stay at your recent standard of living. Can’t give up the Ralph Lauren baby clothes? That’s okay- just shop them on sales, scout out upscale garage sales in nice, wealthy neighborhoods, check eBay, and try to switch with some friends at church. Also, get the word out that you accept hand me downs. Someone is always looking for someone to give their stuff to.

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