Free sample business letters: How to write a letter of introduction

One of the basic forms of business correspondence is the introduction letter. Learn how to write a letter of introduction and use these samples to get started.

An introduction letter may be used in business to present a person, company, product or service; it is a professional way to make an impression. It is a useful tool for making an initial contact and is often used by salespeople to introduce themselves to potential clients.

Introducing a person

There are several reasons you may wish to use an introduction letter to introduce a person to someone. An introduction letter may be used to:

  • present a person as a candidate for a job
  • introduce a person who may be able to offer a service
  • introduce a person for a potential mentoring or networking relationship.

In the letter, it is important to identify the person being introduced and then quickly make a connection with the person to whom the letter is addressed. Show knowledge of the person or company and explain why an association with the person being introduced would be mutually beneficial. For example, if you are offering a payroll service, show knowledge of the company and indicate benefits to a company of that size / industry / other attributes of using your payroll service.

Mention the referral you were given, if you are writing an introductory letter to someone to whom you’ve been referred. State a follow-up action, such as telling the person you will call or requesting them to contact you. Finalize by showing appreciation for courtesy shown to the person being introduced.

Sample letter of introduction, requesting a mentor relationship

Dear Mr. Banana,

Our mutual friend, Mr Papaya, suggested I get in touch with you and introduce myself. My name is Bob Mango and I am a graduate student with the Organizational Psychology department at Fruit Salad University.

I am currently seeking a mentor for my fieldwork; Mr. Papaya tells me you are an expert on Fruit Restructuring. I understand you are very busy, but was hoping I could offer my research capabilities and the university’s laboratory resources in exchange for some of your time to discuss and analyze the findings of my thesis project.

I will give you a call on Wednesday to see if you would be able to schedule some time to meet with me. I appreciate your time and consideration.


Bob Mango

Sample letter of introduction for a person offering a service:

Dear Mr. Banana,

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Guava of Payroll Plus. I have been doing business with him for several years. Payroll Plus provides a payroll processing service that has saved us thousands of dollars annually.

Mr. Guava is expanding his business into your area. While Payroll Plus previously only provided services to firms of over 3000 employees, it is now extending to assist small businesses, such as your own.

I am sure you would find Mr. Guava to be knowledgeable, helpful and professional. I am enclosing a copy of his brochure and business card. I know if you arrange to meet with him, you will be pleased with what he can provide.


John P. Papaya

Introducing a product, company or service

Generally, an introduction letter for a product, company or service is sent by a salesperson, hoping to gain the attention of a recipient. It should be concise and clear, and open the door for future contact by the person sending the letter.

It can be useful to add a headline to the letter to immediately tell the recipient the subject matter being discussed and to help grab his or her attention.

Sample letter of introduction for a new product:

Dear Mr. Banana,

New Hybrids

Companies such as yours in the fruit sector have attained significant results by introducing new hybrids into product catalogs.

While we at Fruit Unlimited are proud of our classics, and pleased to have a long association with you in the Apple and Orange arenas, we are very excited to present our new Strawberry Guava line. Firms that have started to carry Strawberry Guavas have already experienced 43% growth over the year’s fruit forecasts.

As a long-standing customer, you qualify for a special introductory discount at this time. Please call me to discuss our tiered discount program and to place your first, exciting Strawberry Guava order.


John P. Papaya


  • Your letter should grab the attention within five to ten seconds of the recipient starting to read it and can be read entirely within 30 seconds.
  • The letter should explain why the introduction is beneficial to the recipient as well as to the person being introduced
  • The letter should highlight anything unique about the person or product being introduced.
  • Follow standard business protocol in addressing and formatting your letter.
  • Proofread your letter. Letters that are grammatically incorrect or contain typos or factual errors do not make a good impression.
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