Free do it yourself wood projects: How to build a wooden gate

Building a wooden gate is a simple project that you can do yourself with a little know how.

Everyone’s dream when they started out on their own in life, used to be to live in a little house with a white picket fence around it. Part of a white picket fence is at least one wooden gate. White picket or not, here are instructions on how you can build your own wooden gate for your fence.

Many people have privacy fences on their property. In the city, these fences usually extend around the entire lot of property. In the country, sometimes the fences are this big, especially if they are keeping horses or other animals enclosed.

A wooden gate should be built to match the fence it’s going to be attached too. That is, the same material should be used. If you have a chain link fence, you should have a chain link gate, for example.

How to build a wooden gate

Dog eared cedar boards are a popular fence – making material. The cedar is not only strong and durable, but it is also fairly weather – resistant. “Dog eared” means that the tops of the boards have been cut to create a triangular shape. You can find this type of wood at your local lumber yard or even at your local home improvement store.

To make a wooden gate out of cedar dog eared wood, first determine how big the gate will need to be. Measure the length and width of the fence opening. Let’s say the opening is five feet wide and six feet high. Let’s also imagine that you have cedar boards that measure six inches wide by six feet long, and that they are an inch thick. To equal five feet, you will need ten of the cedar boards laid out side by side. You will need to trim the boards so that the finished gate will have a half inch clearance on each side so it swings freely in the opening. You will also need to trim the bottom of the wooden gate after you have the boards secured together. The gate will need about a two inch gap at the bottom above the ground.

Now, you will need to connect these boards together, and you will do that by using two five foot long (trimmed to match the width of the cedar boards) two by fours. One two by four will be placed across the top of the ten dog eared cedar boards, right below the bottom of the triangular shape. The other will be placed about four inches from the bottom edge. Use weather – resistant nails and hammer them from the cedar board side. That is, the heads of the nails will be on the outside section of the wooden gate. Leave three or four inches free on the end of the two by fours that you are going to attach the gate to the fence on.

Once completed, you can apply a coat of a good, quality sealer to the wooden gate if you need to do this to match the fence. If the fence part is already coated, the sealer will help prevent the fence from turning a grayish color in the sun. Therefore, the wooden gate will need the same treatment so it retains its original color too.

The next to the last step is to hang the finished gate. There are a variety of hinges that you can use, and they include butt hinges, strap hinges and more. You will also need to choose a latch for your wooden gate. Be sure your choice of hinges allows the gate to swing both in and out, especially since it is a relatively tall height.

You will want to mount the hinges on the fence- one on the top and one near the bottom edge- and then attach the wooden gate. Be sure to use large enough hinges and weather – resistant wood screws to hold the gate securely in place. If you don’t, the weight of the gate will cause it to sag. Make sure you measure correctly and that you mark the locations of the screw holes in the proper places so the hinges will be straight. Attach the hinges and check the gate to make sure it swings freely. If it doesn’t, make adjustments as needed.

Now, attach the gate latch, and check to make sure it works properly. If it does, your gate is completed and ready for use!

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