Fitness Tips: Why Walk for Exercise?

There are several reasons to take up walking as form of exercise. You can do it anywhere, anytime and you don’t need to buy any fancy equipment or a gym membership. It’s perfect for a mid-afternoon workout during your lunch hour or an evening workout after dinner. You can walk when you go on vacation or business trips, without worrying about keeping up your exercise regime.

For the Beginner

If you are just starting to workout, walking is a great place to start. You can vary the level of intensity and then progress, as you feel able. Even if your goal is to be able to jog 3 miles, walking is a great starting place!

Simply walking cuts risk of heart disease 300x199 Fitness Tips: Why Walk for Exercise?

Fitness Tips: Why Walk for Exercise?

The Benefits of Walking

One of the best things about walking is that it has one if the lowest injury rates of all forms of exercise. Walking provides great social benefits as well! Morning walks with your neighbor, lunch time walks with your friend from the office, evening walks with your sweetheart or your kids are all a great means of quality time with the people who mean the most to you. Exercising together provides motivational and accountability benefits!

To your Mental Health

Walking alone (in a safe neighborhood or on a treadmill) can be great quiet time. Among the benefits of setting aside time for yourself is the ability to decrease your levels of stress and anxiety, which are a result of normal day-to-day living.

Personal Time

A 15-20 minute walk by yourself is an excellent opportunity to gather your thoughts, set priorities, plan your day (or unwind from a crazy day) or maybe just escape the hustle and bustle of the real world and day dream.
Before you begin, insure you have proper walking shoes. That’s all you need to start. What’s stopping you now?

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