Finding cheaper trendy fashions: How to clothes shop smartly

Looking for trendy clothes on a budget is often the hardest part about shopping, but it can be done if you know where to look.
Trends change more often than the seasons, making it difficult for women on a budget to stay fashion forward without breaking the bank. But, there are ways to find the trends you want while keeping your savings intact.

The first thing you should do is look through several different magazines and tear out the outfits that you really like. The next thing you should do is look in your closet at your wardrobe. Do you have anything that closely resembles the style? If so, start with that and build the look around it.

How to Save Money on Clothing 300x243 Finding cheaper trendy fashions: How to clothes shop smartly

Finding cheaper trendy fashions: How to clothes shop smartly

Pick out three or four must have items of the season and ask yourself how easily you can incorporate them into your current wardrobe. If something’s on the list that would require a whole new outfit to wear with, then it’s not the most cost conscience purchase to make. Instead, pick items that will go with clothing or shoes that you already have. For instance, if you are dying for something pink, because pink is all the rage, don’t get a pair of shoes that won’t match anything in your wardrobe. Instead, pick a pink top that will go with a skirt or pair of pants you already own. Shop for pieces that will make your current wardrobe trendy and unique.
Another good way to stay trendy on a budget is with accessories. Accessories can completely change the look of an outfit, keeping it modern and fresh for much less than buying an entire new ensemble. A cute faux pearl, ribbon necklace is hot now and can be found very inexpensively.

Off-price apparel retailers are a great place to shop. These stores receive designer label clothing and accessories and sell them at a fraction of the retail price. Most of these stores receive new shipments weekly, so you can usually find brand names in these stores from the current season. Also, there are several clothing stores that are known for replicating hot designer styles for much less than the designer clothes go for. The best plan of attack is to spend money on quality pieces that will stay stylish for years and to spend less on the more trendy and faddish clothing that will be out of style before your nail polish has time to dry.

Outlet malls often offer designer clothes for much less than the retail price suggests. Most stores receive the next season’s clothing during the current season, for instance, they receive fall clothes in the middle of the summer. Therefore, they send current season clothes to their outlet stores, making it easier for shoppers to spend less on styles they want.

The internet is also a good place to find trendy clothing and accessories at a discount price. Several websites offer brand name clothes for much cheaper than they can be found for in department stores and boutiques. If you can’t find the brands you want for the price you want, then knock-offs are a good route to take. No sooner than a designer puts out a new line, does a slew of much lower priced copies hit the stores. Again, the key is to keep the designer look in mind and find the less price version that most closely mimics the original. Just be careful not to buy clothes that will fall apart after wearing only once. Lower prices don’t have to mean cheap clothes, but sometimes that is the case. Be sure to check fabric and seams for loose threads, holes, etc. After all, even a small amount of money spent on cheap clothing that falls apart is money wasted.

Every wardrobe needs several essential pieces to carry over from year to year. Spend more money on timeless articles that will always be fashionable and add trendy items to those pieces, making the total ensemble look modern and trendy. For instance, a crisp white shirt or flattering black skirt will always be in style. A trendy accessory can always be added to make the look complete. Don’t spend a lot of money on something that anticipate being out of style in a month or two. And remember, your clothes may not have cutting edge labels, but it’s all in the confidence you exude while wearing them.

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