Find out what the best multi-purpose moisturizer is, and the many things that you can do with it

The Ultimate Moisturizer

Want to know the best all-around, multi-purpose moisturizing product? It’s Vaseline. Or, store brand versions of petroleum jelly work just as well, but at a lower price. There are many benefits to petroleum jelly.

Do you have dry, cracked heels? Then put a coat of petroleum jelly all over your feet. Cover your feet with a soft pair of old socks. You can also do the same thing for sore, dry hands. For this, you can cover your hands with socks, gloves or mittens. When you awake the next morning, remove the socks and you’ll have baby-soft hands and feet. Do this procedure whenever your hands or feet feel especially dry.

Information on some of the most unique uses of petroleum jelly 300x234 Find out what the best multi purpose moisturizer is, and the many things that you can do with it

The Ultimate Moisturizer

Need moisture on your lips? Petroleum jelly works better than anything I have tried. Plus, it gives your lips a shiny, glossy sheen to them, similar to lip gloss. The jelly can also be blended on top of your lipstick to soften up a too harsh color or to add shine over your lipstick. You know how your nose can become red and sore when you have a bad cold? Dot some petroleum jelly on and around the bottom part of your nose. It’s best to do this every time after you blow your nose, especially if your nose is very raw. Even though you may end up putting the jelly on your nose many, many times, your nose will thank you. Besides, that jar of Vaseline can last you quite a while.

Now here’s my absolutely favorite tip of all. When you’re getting ready for bed, you know, brushing your teeth, washing your face, etc., lightly pat the jelly on your eyelids, beneath the eyes, and on the outer sides of your eyes. The eye area is very sensitive and can show wrinkles before other areas of your face can. Treating the eye area nightly with petroleum jelly will help keep the eye area soft and smooth. Forget about those expensive eye creams in small containers. With petroleum jelly, you’ll get a lot more of the product and at a lower price, too. It’s also great at removing eye makeup. All you need to do is dab the jelly over the eye area, as I said above, then lightly pat each eye (closed) with a clean tissue. You’ll see the makeup come right off and onto the tissue.

I have also used Vaseline to moisturize my hair. However, you need to use it very sparingly, as it does tend to be greasy. The best way to use it on your hair is to first smooth a very small amount of it between the palms of your hands. Then lightly run your hands down the length of your hair. Or, use a tad on the ends of your strands if that is where the dryness is. Let the jelly moisturize your hair for a while. The drier your hair is, the longer you should leave it on for. You be the judge. Afterwards, shampoo your hair thoroughly. Even twice, if necessary. And only use a conditioner if your hair still feels dry. This very moisturizing hair treatment is especially great for those who have darker skin tones. Dark skinned women have a tendency to have brittle, inflexible hair. The jelly will help to soften it for you. If you tend to have oily or very thin hair, however, I would not recommend putting Vaseline on your hair.

Petroleum jelly is also great on extremely dry facial skin. Smooth Vaseline onto a clean face. Let it sink in for a while. Don’t bother waiting for it to dry, unless you plan on waiting for several days. After a half-hour or so, or longer if you prefer, wash your face with a good cleanser at least twice.

Why buy a separate product for every separate thing? Why not use petroleum jelly and take care of many of your beauty needs? You’ll save money, since petroleum jelly is inexpensive and lasts a while. You’ll also save space among your collection of beauty supplies. Enjoy the many moisturizing benefits of petroleum jelly!

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