Financial tips: Save money on materials and labor for your next with home remodel, with these top 20 tips

20 ways to save money on home remodels

Remodeling a home can be expensive unless you think of ways that will save you money. You do not want to cut corners in ways that will compromise the integrity of the home. Quality remodeling can be done using the following frugal money saving ideas.

  1. The bartering system has been used by many in a way to trade commodities rather than money. You could trade one of your skills and time for something that a neighbor has that you may need for your remodel. He may have a skill that you don’t have or maybe he has some unwanted materials that you need. There are many ways to barter. Pin-up flyers announcing that you wish to barter something and list your needs. This system saves everyone money.
  2. Habitat For Humanity has what they call “Re-stores”. These stores are full of materials for remodeling. Some things are new and some things are used but in good condition. All of their merchandise is donated to them so the price is very fair. You may find windows, doors, paint, carpet, electrical items and just about anything to build a house. Unique, one of a kind pieces can be found if you look often. You can not be in a hurry when looking for just the perfect thing. The merchandise is always changing at these type of stores, so look often.

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    20 ways to save money on home remodels

  3. Search thrift stores in your local area for low priced items such as vintage light fixtures or cast iron sinks that can be redone with a kit bought at a home center.
  4. Sometimes used lumber can still be used and still maintain the quality of the remodel. Lumber can be put through a wood plane and will look like new.
  5. Help tear down an old house in return for some materials. Some houses are demolished and then the materials are just buried. You can salvage brick, rock and more this way.
  6. Salvage yards are getting more popular. Everything can be found at a good salvage yard. People are in the business of tearing down old homes and buildings. Some wonderful architectural pieces can be incorporated into a new remodel. Blend the old with the new.
  7. Think about using different, out of the ordinary materials in your remodel. Build concrete countertops instead of the expensive granite or marble.
  8. Paint the wood floor instead of replacing it.
  9. Use exterior siding or tin roofing on the walls inside your house.
  10. With a saw make thin vertical slices from a tree you have cut down for the interior walls or wainscoting.
  11. Cut horizontal slices from a tree (any size) about 4 inches thick and make a patio floor out of the rounds. Lay them as you would brick or rock. Fill in between the rounds with sand or mortar. Seal with a good wood sealer.
  12. Do the home remodel in stages and buy materials as they are on sale.
  13. Have a concrete floor poured and stain it to be the finished floor. You can also rent a machine and score the floor to look like expensive tiles.
  14. Do as much of the remodel you can yourself. This will save you lots of money on labor costs. If you don’t know how to do something, learn. Home centers give free classes on just about anything you need to learn about such as ‘How to Lay Tile’, ‘How to lay carpet’, ‘How to Paint Faux Finishes’ and many more. Any employee will be happy to tell you what you need to know.
  15. Do you have broken tiles or does someone have a box of broken tiles out by the curb? Use them to create a mosaic around the fireplace or in the kitchen or bathroom tile floor. Don’t waste anything.
  16. Don’t forget about garage sales. If someone has recently done a remodel themselves then they may have something for sale that you are looking for.
  17. Check with a high school carpentry class and see if they want to get some hands on learning experience with their teacher. Teachers are usually happy to get a project for students to learn by doing.
  18. Have a party and have a good old fashioned ‘barn raising’. Years ago neighbors would get together to help one another build their homes. It is too labor intensive for just one person.
  19. To save money, measure twice and cut once, like the old carpenters say. Making mistakes costs money, so do it right the first time. Take your time.
  20. The biggest way to save money is to prevent accidents. Accidents can send you to the doctor or the hospital. Think safety at all times.
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