Fashion Tips: How To Organize Your Handbag

Hints and Ideas

-Pin your keys to the lining of your handbag with a giant safety pin so you don’t have to dig when they’re needed. That safety pin comes in handy in a lost-button or broken-zipper emergency.

-Or you can get really industrious and buy a snippet of adhesive-backed Velcro from any fabric shop. No need to sew, just press a couple of inches of the super-sticky Velcro on the lining near the top of your bag. The Velcro will guarantee your keys stay in your purse and in place when you need them.

-Throw away the capless pens and pencil stubs at the bottom of your bag, and replace them with one nice (capped) pen. If you know that you have only one, you’ll be careful not to lose it.

-Carry a tiny notebook (possibly one with its own pen?) to jot down ideas, addresses, and phone numbers, instead of accumulating (also known as losing) many scraps of paper.

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Fashion Tips: How To Organize Your Handbag

-Designate an envelope, folder, or even a cigar box for important receipts, and put it where you see it as soon as you get home. Get in the habit of emptying your bag and filing the receipts away every day, maybe while you deal with your mail.

-Keep a small mirror in your purse so you can steal a sly glance to confirm your fabulousness.

-Small hairbrush (regularly cleaned) and/or comb (ditto).

-Handkerchiefs are prettier than plastic packs for throwaway tissues, and take up less room. Splurge on monogrammed cotton (found at any department store men’s counter, right next to the ties and cuff links) or collect vintage hankies from antique stores. They’re easy to wash and gentle on your nose during cold-and-flu season.

-A purse-size perfume spray or solid is essential during summer. Aromatherapeutic perfumes can boost your mood and keep you smelling fresh.

-Carry only two lipsticks-one neutral natural shade that goes with everything, and one bright or dark signature shade for after-meal touch-ups.

Dos & Don’ts

-Avoid clunky key chains-streamline by taking only the keys you use regularly, unless you enjoy looking like a janitor. Store extras in a safe place; don’t forget to label them.

=Don’t keep your social-security card in your wallet for safety reasons; ditto your phone card if it has your PIN on it. And do you really need to keep every credit or debit card with you at all times?

=Remember: The less in your purse, the better. When the inevitable happens and you forget it somewhere, you’ll be grateful for every credit card that you don’t have to cancel and lipstick you don’t have to replace.

Handbag Checklist

Small Evening Bag

  • Mirror
  • Mini pressed powder compact or powder papers
  • Lipstick and liner
  • One credit card, ATM card, driver’s license and cash
  • Business cards in a sleek leather business-card holder
  • One nice pen
  • One handkerchief
  • Key(s)

Medium Size Handbag

  • All of the above
  • Organizer (if it’s a Palm Pilot, don’t forget to store the info somewhere else, as well)
  • Cell phone (pre-program emergency and frequently-called numbers on speed dial)
  • Small comb or brush
  • Business cards in a sleek leather business-card holder
  • Perfume spray
  • Breath mints and/or gum
  • Sunglasses (keep them in their case so they don’t get scratched)

Big Handbags or Totes

  • All of the above
  • Bottled water
  • A paperback book or magazine. Short stories are great for the girl on the go, and any book from Oprah’s List will make waiting for anything easier
  • Walkman with a cassette of something soothing already cued up and ready to play
  • A nutrition bar will tide you over and reduce the temptation of a cookie or other fattening snack.

Sure Signs that You’ve Over-Packed

-More than one of anything. You only need one bottle of water, one snack, one book-no need to pack your purse like you’re going away for the weekend.More than one of anything. You only need one bottle of water, one snack, one book-no need to pack your purse like you’re going away for the weekend.

-Backaches, shoulder aches. If your purse is too heavy, chances are you’re toting around more than you need. Reprioritize your essentials or switch to a muscle-saving backpack that distributes weight evenly. Remember, your purse is an accessory. A bulging, messy handbag doesn’t complement your look.

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