Fashion Tips: Advice for purchasing a perfect mix and match wardrobe

Simple mix and match wardrobes

Mixing and matching clothes is a true art form. Who has the time or money to constantly have to buy matching outfits? There is nothing more fun than creating multiple outfits with different looks for your many different occasions with a few key wardrobe must-haves. Whether, you’re going to a gala event, an art gallery opening or heading to class, mixing and matching gives you the option to be creative with your fashion sense.

To be really good at mixing and matching your clothing, you’ll need a mix of basic casual clothes and dressy pieces, which is the perfect combination for any lifestyle. Try mixing a Gucci Bag with a flea market find! There’s nothing more unique than a woman that mixes it up.

Wardrobe essentials – The basics: Here’s a quick look at the simple pieces of clothing you should have.
Jeans – a sexy pair of boot cut jeans. These would look just as good with a t-shirt as they would with a beaded sexy top.

A White T-Shirt –a great fitted t-shirt in a nice flattering fabric. This would look great with your jeans, black pants or a pencil skirt. Dress it up with your sandals or your favorite designer shoes.

Black pants –these look great dressed up or dressed down. Try a t-shirt with them or one of your glitzy tops.

Beige and White Pants –These pants are a staple and look good day or night with just about any top.

A Black Skirt – a pencil skirt is perfect for any look and it looks great on just about anyone.

2 pairs of basic shoes – A good choice would be one pair of high-heeled sandals and one pair of flat black Mary Jane’s.

Wardrobe essentials – The Glitzy pieces: Here’s a look at the glam pieces you need.

2 different beaded tops—they would look just as good in jeans as they would in a skirt or pants. You can pair them with anything and they instantly dress up the look.

A sexy satin dress –is a wardrobe essential. Try it in basic black or tantalizing teal. Pair it with your designer shoes or your sexy sandals, a string of pearls and you’re ready to go.

A fur stole –you can dress up jeans or drape it over your shoulders when wearing a dress. You could also try it with your beaded top and jeans for instant glamour. Scour your grandma’s closet, thrift stores or your favorite department store for the perfect fur stole.

A flashy pair of designer heels – whether you wear Manolo Blahnik’s or Jimmy Choo, Gucci or Chanel, you can mix and match these with anything from flea market finds to expensive designer labels.

Mixing and matching can also mean mixing designer labels and vintage like Kate Moss or Sarah Jessica Parker in her Sex in the City days. You could have on a pair of $500 heels with a shirt that cost you as low as one dollar from a thrift store and still look incredibly stylish and unique. Thrift store or vintage shopping means you’ll have more money for “splurge items” which can really pull together any outfit. Plus, nobody else will have the same thrift store fashion piece as you and they will want to know where you bought it.

Remember, you can break the rules. You can mix your glitzy glamorous pieces with your more casual pieces because it will dress up those basics and make you more unique.

So, go ahead, start mixing and matching for a more unique you.

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