Fashion ideas: Long hair styles from casual, everyday styles to more formal ones

Looking for ways to style long hair? Read about different ideas, from casual, everyday styles to more formal ones!

Styling long hair can be difficult sometimes. There’s enough of it, it seems, to do almost anything, but there’s so much of it that nothing “cute” works. But have no fear. Long hair styles can be just as cute as shorter hair styles.

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Fashion ideas: Long hair styles from casual, everyday styles to more formal ones

*French-braided Pigtails: Just what it sounds like. Divide your hair into pigtails and find the “center” of each side of your head. Braid your hair in any position – make it lie flat against your head or make it stick up; braid it close to the center or farther down the sides. That’s up to you. This style is cute on anyone whose hair is long enough, and really good for people with long hair!

*Braided Pigtails: Equally cute but with a lot less fuss. Whereas girls with shorter hair can gather their hair up high and make it stick out from their head, long-haired girls would end up looking like Pippy Longstocking. Instead, smooth your hair down the center, into two even sides. Gather one (at the bottom – don’t try to pull it up high) and braid it straight down, without tying it in an elastic first. It’ll make your long hair look neat, and smooth.

*“Floppy” Pigtails: Sometimes you can’t resist actually WANTING to look like Pippy Longstocking. After all, you’ve got the hair for it! Separate your hair down the center, and gather each half an inch or so above your ears. Secure it there with a hair band. You can choose to braid it, but letting it fly free is really cute on some!

*“Flipped” Ponytail: Gather your hair up into a ponytail at the center of your head. Take a scrunchie and wrap it around your ponytail as many times as you can. On the last wrap, don’t pull your ponytail all the way through. Instead, let it remain in a loop, with hair sticking up. For a casual hairstyle, grab the sticking up pieces, separate them in the center and smooth them down. You can easily do this with just one scrunchie, and redo it whenever you feel like. For a more polished look, use a hair band to put your hair into a neat ponytail. Then, flip the bottom of your hair up (a couple inches from the bottom of your ponytail should touch the elastic at your head), and wrap the loose ends of your ponytail around the base of it. Then, use another elastic to secure this in place (you won’t see the ends this way). Top it off with a scrunchie to make it look pretty.

*Low “flip”: Grab your hair low, near the nape of your neck, but not all the way down. Pull it up about an inch above your nape, and gather it into a low ponytail. As you wrap your scrunchie, on the last wrap, only pull your hair partway through, so you again form a “loop” in your hair. This can be a very cute, casual style that’ll last all day.

*Classic French braid: French braid your hair down the center. Keep it loose and wispy for a casual look (your hair’s long enough that you don’t have to worry about the whole braid falling apart if it’s not tight), or pull it tight and sleek for a more formal look. Braid all the way to the bottom and don’t use an elastic if your hair’ll hold the style.

*Simple Bun: Gather your hair in a ponytail at the back of your head (center). Either braid it, or twist it. Either way, wrap the ponytail around itself into a bun shape (keep it moving out, not on top of itself). Use an elastic or scrunchie to hold it in place (if you use an elastic, put a scrunchie on top to be decorative).

*Barrettes: Choose a larger clip – smaller ones will get lost in your hair. Try parting your hair in the center and pulling back a section on each side, and clipping them back symmetrically. Use standard “flat” barrettes, flower-shaped ones, or squeeze clips. Or, alternately, try combing your hair back (only the top, front layer) and clipping it casually in place. Again, vary what style of barrette you use. This will make your hair look even longer than it is.

*“Flip”: Gather your hair in a ponytail an inch or so above the nape of your neck. Flip it up and use a giant “claw” clip to attach it to your head. Let the extra hair trail down outside the clip (this is in style now, as opposed to when only girls with shorter hair could get away it because theirs stayed perfectly inside the clip).

*High Ponytail: Gather your hair in a ponytail near the top of your head (think right about where the slope is that separates the “back” from the “top”). Smooth out all the bumps you’ll likely get and secure it in a ponytail. Girls with shorter hair can’t get away with this because their hair will fall from the ponytail at the bottom. A very cute, fun style.

*Loose curls: Put your hair in medium-sized rollers (follow the manufacturer’s directions on the ones you choose). When it’s “done,” unroll it and finger comb it. Use a pick comb if you want to, but do NOT brush it! You’ll get loose, wave-like curls that’ll look perfect with your long hair. Touch it up with some mousse beforehand and some hairspray afterwards.

As you can see, there are whole bunches of different ways to style long hair! Find the ones that suit you best, and use different accessories to spice up old favorites. Don’t be afraid to use the classic ponytail or single braid on occasion, or to just let your hair run wild and free! You’ve got long hair, so show it off!

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