Family and parenting: Are baby modeling jobs a good idea?

This article will give readers an overview on baby modeling.
So, your baby is absolutely gorgeous? Of course, all babies are, aren’t they? But no, you say, you mean your baby is REALLY gorgeous – even model material. Even if your baby does have “the look” that model agencies are looking for, is it in the best interest of the baby and your family for the baby to become involved in baby modeling?

It depends on a lot of different variables. Of course, since your baby is a baby, she probably can’t speak yet, so you can’t really ask her if she wants to become a model or not. Just that fact alone deters many parents from getting their children involved in modeling. If a baby can’t speak and say if she wants to be involved in modeling, it’s obvious that it is the parents’ desire, and not the child’s. If this does not bother you, that’s great- just keep in mind that when your child can learn to speak, she might not want to be involved in modeling, and then you will have to consider her thoughts and feelings in the future.

Another thing to consider is the standards that your baby will be set to as she goes on with her modeling career. For example, maybe you think that your baby is beautiful enough to be a model, but do modeling agencies agree with you? Can you take the rejection your baby may incur while looking for modeling jobs? As your child gets older, will she be able to handle that kind of rejection? Do you want to subject her to that kind of rejection? Will she grow up to be thick-skinned enough to handle the rejection and pressure of this kind of career? Are you interested in pursuing this long-term, or are you only planning on doing this when she is a baby? If your baby does start doing really well, most likely you will become very interested in continuing this.
Also, what exactly are your reasons for wanting to have your baby involved in this? Is it for extra cash? Is it for your child’s benefit? Take time to think about why you want to become involved in this, and talk to everyone in your family about it. If your baby is a sibling, you might want to discuss this with your other children. Will you become so consumed with the baby and her career that your other children will get jealous? You will have to explain to your children why you are choosing this baby to pursue a modeling career with- they may wonder why they are not involved in it.

As your child gets a little bit older, think about what kinds of limits you want to set on the modeling agencies and jobs. For example, a lot of parents don’t want their children dressing up as “little women” with make-up and adult looking clothing. This is something to keep in the back of your mind while you are building your child’s portfolio. What kind of look are you happy with her having? Do you mind the make-up they put on your baby/small child? These are things to consider when you get involved in this type of career. Another thing is to keep a close watch on your child, and any strange people who come along. For example, some photographers may come along who are not actually real photographers. Always research agencies and photographers before you become involved with them. Sometimes pedophiles will disguise themselves as photographers just to get involved in the lives of small children and vulnerable parents.

Overall, it is your decision to decide if this is the right career path for you, your family, and of course, your baby. If after reading and considering all of the above suggestions, you are satisfied with your choice, then good luck!! Your child may be embarking on a very successful and long career.

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