Facial Skincare – Finding the Perfect Formula

Facial skincare is one of the most important elements of personal care, in its huge impact on the self you present to the world each and every day. Finding the right skincare products for you and your skin type is an essential component of providing your skin with the best possible care and helping your inner beauty shine through.

Facial Skincare - Finding the Perfect Formula

First, it is necessary to determine your skin type in order to obtain the most optimal results from a skincare routine, and avoid unnecessary problems.

  • Oily Skin – face is shiny and requires deep cleansing to remove excess oils.
  • Dry Skin – skin is prone to drying and flaking – needs gentle care and intensive moisturizers
  • Combination Skin – oily and dry patches, requiring a mixed approach to skincare
  • Aging Skin – most evident in combination with dry skin – may require antioxidants, nutrients, and a caring approach geared towards replenishment and rejuvenation of skin’s natural processes
  • Problem Skin – conditions such as acne or rosacea, which may need to be cared for in cooperation with professional medical advice until problem areas are under control
  • Sensitive Skin – skin that reacts to various chemical or natural materials, weather conditions, etc. and requires extra gentle care and protection

Remember to avoid known troublemakers specific to your skin type, and personal sensitivities.

  • Oily/Problem – avoid products containing oils, petroleum
  • Dry/Aging – avoid alcohol bases, overly astringent products
  • Sensitive – avoid synthetic colors, fragrances, known allergens

Once you have a handle on your skin’s particular requirements and carefully choose the corresponding products, the basic approach to skincare is similar for everyone.

  • Daily cleansing to remove accumulated oil, dirt and environmental pollution
  • Moisturizing to carefully replace and maintain hydration
  • Sun protection to prevent signs of premature aging and damage to skin cells
  • Weekly treatment such as a mask or scrub to remove dead skin, draw out impurities, condition and deep cleanse

With the vast number of skincare products on the market today, there are plenty of options in finding the facial care that is perfect for you and your skin’s unique needs. Whether you prefer a natural product, or highly specialized formulation by the leading skincare manufacturers, you are certain to find skin care that will make you proud to show your faces natural beauty.

Soothing and smoothing your cares away…

New ingredients are being introduced all the time in the effort to carefully maintain the youthful appearance of facial skin, and reduce signs of aging. Anti aging creams and other preparations are top sellers, so don’t hesitate to start caring for those fine lines. Everyone responds to the passing of time differently, but it is possible to smooth away those cares and the corresponding wrinkles, with any number of gentle restorative products available today.

Only you know what factors are most important to you in looking and feeling beautiful, but feel free to consult with a professional, or do some research online to explore your options. Design a gentle approach to caring for your face that feels indulgent, luxurious, or plain and simple. And remember to maintain your health in general, through balanced diet, rest and exercise – all of which will show in your faces healthy glow. Above all, drink adequate amounts of water, which will benefit your overall hydration, circulation, and the flushing out of toxins.

Facial care is a matter of personal preference, but by following the basic rules and guidelines you will maintain skin that looks healthy and well cared for – a good way to face each new day and let your inner light shine.

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