Eye makeup tips: What is the best mascara type and color for you?

Choose the right formulation and color mascara to fit your needs.

Every woman wants long, luscious, look-at-me lashes, no matter what their style. Luckily, achieving them is easy thanks to the multitude of mascaras available today. With the simple swipe of a wand you can enhance your look and get the perfect lashes you’ve always craved.

Modern mascaras are available in a variety of combinations to suit your every need. Water-resistant and waterproof mascaras are perfect for a day of outdoors activities or sports, and can weather rain, snow, and a good tear-jerking movie without smudging or running. It’s long lasting and usually requires little or no touch up. For short lashes, defining and lengthening mascaras give the appearance of longer lashes by separating them and adding definition. Curling mascaras allow you to achieve beautifully curled lashes without the additional use of an eyelash curler, and volumizing formulas give the illusion of thick, full lashes.

Eye makeup tips: What is the best mascara type and color for you

Choosing the right mascara for your eyelashes is not always an easy task. The first thing you should do is take into account the condition of your lashes. Lashes, like hair, are made up of proteins and can become brittle and dry. They may need conditioning, in which case a fortifying and conditioning formula would work best. If you wear contacts or have allergies, a hypoallergenic or fragrance and fiber free formula might be for you.
Obtaining a quality mascara is also key for anyone’s eyelashes. The wand should be full and round for more even application. The consistency of the mascara should be neither too thick (which can cause heavy, clogged eyelashes) nor too thin (which leads to smears and runs). Flaky lashes indicate that your mascara is too dry. A good mascara should stay put all day and should be easy to remove at night (no rubbing or scrubbing required).

When choosing your color, a general rule of thumb is brown and black for brunettes, brown and taupe for redheads and blondes, and dark brown or black for dark brunettes or black hair. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, especially if you are working to achieve a specific look. For example, if you want dramatic contrast or a deep, sultry look, applying black mascara with the appropriate eye shadow is the way to go. Black mascara can also revitalize tired eyes and make lashes look plumper and fuller. For a more natural or subtle appearance, a brown or clear mascara is all you need. For an edgier, fun, and more intense look, try adding a colored mascara, like blue or violet, applied in full or, for a splash of color, just at the tips.

To get the most out of the color and formula of mascara you’ve chosen, make sure to use the correct application. For full color, begin at the base, sweeping the wand in a zig-zag motion through the lashes to the tips. Apply no more than two coats to the upper lashes and no more than one coat to the lower lashes-any more could result in sticky, hard lashes that do not separate and look painted. For color just at the tips, use a light hand to sweep a hint of color outward, starting at the outermost edge of the lashes (but covering just the edge, not a quarter or half of the lash). Finish by pulling an eyelash comb through the lashes to remove any excess product and further separate the lashes.

Mascara is one cosmetic most women will not go without. It puts the finishing polish on any eye makeup application. Even if you weren’t born with lashes to die for, with the right formulation, color, and application, you can fool even the toughest critic.

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