Dog information: Tips to housebreak and train your Golden Retriever dog

Training your new golden retriever

Are you excited about your new Golden Retriever? Are you ready to teach him tricks? Training can be simple if you remember three ingredients: time, consistency and love. Often people believe that you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. This simply is not true. The first step in training is taking the time needed to spend with your Golden Retriever teaching the most important things first. For many people, the most important training is housebreaking.

Begin by taking the dog outside every hour or two. Between these times, watch to see if the dog squats. If he does, then run him outside and he will begin to get the idea that urinating and soiling should be done outside. Any correction should be done immediately after the action. When you catch your Golden Retriever in the act of urinating, immediately tell him, “No!” Then, run him outside. Never yell at the dog, rub his nose in it, or hit the dog. This only makes the dog angry and aggressive. It is important to be consistent in the way the dog is corrected. Clearly show your Golden Retriever where you want him to urinate. When he urinates outside, praise him. Golden Retrievers love lots of praise.

Training your new golden retriever

When you feed your Golden Retriever, take him for a walk. Walking stimulates the dog and he will be encouraged to do his business outside. Be consistent in teaching your dog to urinate and soil outside.

Never let the dog run free in the house until he is completely housebroken. Put him in a crate or confine him in a small area of the house. When you return home immediately take him outside. Do this consistently every time.

Remember dogs do not learn in the same way that humans do. They operate on a system of stimulus and response. If you want your Golden Retriever to do something, show him and praise him when he does it. It is important to praise him for things he does right and correct the behavior you do not want. Consistency is vital in training your Golden Retriever. Another factor in training your dog is the tone of your voice. Dogs know when you are angry, happy, and even when you are sick. Yelling at your Golden Retriever only confuses him. Use a growl when you are not happy with your dog. Remember to keep any command you give him short. Pleading or yelling will not help. Training should be consistent and always show respect for your pet.

Observe your dog and listen to what he may be saying to you. While dogs do not verbally talk, they talk through their actions and behavior. If your new Golden Retriever refuses to do something he may normally do, do not force him. He may be sick or hurting. Learn to closely observe your pet.

If you have problems with your new Golden Retriever chewing on objects, provide objects for him to chew on. If you see him chewing on a shoe, tell him, “No!” Then, hand him an object meant for him to chew on. Praise him when he chews on the object you give him. Provide dog toys for him to chew on. Never give him an old shoe to chew on because he will not know the difference between an old shoe and a new shoe.

Golden Retrievers require time and energy. They want a lot of attention and need to be walked daily if living in an apartment. Yet, the joy of owning a Golden Retriever is well worth any effort put into it. The saying, “Dogs are man’s best friend” is definitely be said about Golden Retrievers.

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