Do it yourself interior design: When are wallpaper borders a good idea?

Provides tips on when and how wallpaper borders can be used to establish an interior decorating theme and where to hang them.
When you are planning to redo a room, usually the first thing you must decide on is a decorating theme. Your theme can be drawn from anything, a time period, culture, or collection. If you are having trouble deciding how to decorate a room, you should consider flipping through the wallpaper border display at your local paint store. Wallpaper borders are available today to compliment or inspire any decorating theme.

Borders announce the theme of a room’s design. They are a simple and inexpensive way to bring a room together and add drama and flare. They are also a great first step in interior decorating. If you find a wallpaper border you love, it is easy to draw paint colors and complimentary fabrics from within it. A wallpaper border gives decorating a sound starting point.

When are wallpaper borders a good idea?

When shopping for a border, go beyond just the “in stock” rack at your building supply store. Shop around at paint, wallpaper, and even craft stores. There are also websites that sell wallpaper border. Wherever you go, take the time to peruse their catalogs as well. Often a border print the store has in stock is also available in different color schemes. So if you find a print you adore in a horrific color palette, check the catalogs and see if you can order it in more pleasing colors. And sometimes a border you think is “just perfect” may be even better in a more muted hue or a brighter one. Be sure to check out the catalogs.
Before buying a border, also consider the available widths of your print. Small spaces may seem even smaller with a wide border. But with a slim border, a small space becomes defined and elegant. Whereas the same slim border in a large room may create a “chopped up” effect. Make sure that the width of border used is proportionate to your decorating space.

Prior to hanging your border, take a minute to consider where in the room it would be most aesthetically pleasing. If your border has many details in its print that you would like to appreciate every day, make sure your border is at standing eye-level or lower. Perhaps most of the time you spend in that room you will be seated. In that case, hang the border at a comfortable viewing height from your favorite chair. If the room has high walls, a border can break up the vertical space and allow you to paint the upper and lower halves of the room in different shades or colors, creating a wainscoting effect. You may wish to do this with shorter walls too, as painting the upper portion a lighter shade will cause the illusion of higher walls. If the ceiling has an interesting feature you would like to draw attention to, placing a border around the outer edge on the ceiling will draw the eye up. Portions of wallpaper border can also be cut and used to accent features of a room like the center of doors or the cabinet fronts on an armoire.

In any room, wallpaper borders can help to establish your decorating theme. And the best part about today’s wallpaper borders is the ease in their removal. So if after time you feel your room needs a change; you can simply remove your old border and update!

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