Discover Belize For Real Estate Investment Or Vacation

Belize is definitely one place that you need to have a look at, whether or not you are searching for a beautiful, inexpensive spot to retire along the Caribbean Sea or simply trying to find a fantastic vacation spot.

Belize is a small country on the Caribbean side of Central America, just south of Cancun, Mexico. Its diverse society is made up of numerous cultures and languages and it is the only country in Central America where English is the official language.

A number of natural factors all come together to support the thriving tourism and eco-tourism industry. The Belize Barrier Reef, second largest in the world in excess of 170 miles long, over 1,000 offshore Cayes (islands), scuba diving and snorkeling, safe waters for boating, excellent fishing, the largest cave system in Central America, numerous rivers for rafting, and kayaking, various jungle and wildlife reserves of fauna and flora for hiking, bird watching, and helicopter touring, as well as many Mayan ruins.

Belize has been able to stay off the world’s radar, despite being a country of many gorgeous natural attractions.

The living costs here are relatively low as well. On average, with a budget of less than $2000 a month, you can live a cozy life.

Belize has been receiving loads of media attention nowadays as a popular destination. Its a great place not just to rest and relax, but also to buy real estate. Us News and World Report recently published a story about a couple who retired to Belize and live comfortably for under $1500 a month.

But is the Central American county of Belize a family friendly destination? Without a doubt it is. Why?

It’s close!: It’s only about a two hour flight from Houston or Miami

Language: The official language of Belize is English! So you and you and your fellow travelers will have no trouble conversing with the neighbors.

The wildlife: Belize is famous for it’s wide range of birds, and birdwatching is a national pastime. Additionally howler monkeys are another favorite sight!

Adventure: For folks with older kids, there are a multitude of adventures to go on like kayaking, cave tubing, snorkeling, canoeing and zip line canopy tours.

Beauty and beaches: This stunning country has the second longest barrier reef in the world, just over a massive 170 miles long. It’s perfect for exploring the sea life by snorkeling or diving. Furthermore there about 1,000 Cayes (small islands) and many great fishing opportunities.

History: There are amazing archaeological finds, Mayan ruins and stunning natural history discoveries to be made

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