Destination attractions: Things to do in Bermuda

The island of Bermuda has a charm all its own. With fine dining, shopping and active pursuits to satify every member of your family, Bermuda should be on everyone’s vacation list.
Bermuda is a wonderful little island full of warm people, beautiful beaches and lots of fun. Whether you are interested in just relaxing or active pursuits, there is plenty to keep everyone happy.

Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda and what a beautiful city it is. Centrally located and easily traversed, Hamilton provides shopping and eating galore. There are restaurants to fit every palate from upscale Italian ristorantes to British pub-style eateries and everything in between. British influence is felt everywhere on the island and this includes dinners out. Proper dress is generally requested when fine dining in Bermuda.

Destination attractions: Things to do in Bermuda

Hamilton has a beautiful harbor and shops lining the whole stretch of it on Front Street. Be sure to visit Trimingham’s, a department store which has been a Bermudian landmark for decades. From Hamilton, you can boat ferry to the western tip and several other places along the western and central parts of the island. You can also ferry to several smaller islands making up Bermuda.

Of course, being an island, water sports abound on Bermuda. Visitors can swim, snorkel, scuba, rent boats to go sailing, sunbath, windsurf, deep-sea fish, parasail, water-ski, or anything else they feel like. There are glass bottom boat tours that go out to look at the reefs and sea life. There are several shops that offer scuba lessons and tours which is very exciting given the number of shipwrecks Bermuda has lining its shores. Every beach is public and does not charge for access, so feel free to roam the island with your gear and experience any beach you like. Some of the more popular beaches include Horseshoe Bay, Elbow Beach and Tobacco Bay. These are by no means the only beaches though. There are several smaller beaches that have trails and gorgeous scenery.

For those who love to bike, Bermuda is a wonderful place to ride. The roads are narrow so you must be careful when riding with traffic. You can traverse from one end of the island to the other on the Bermuda Railway Trail to really take it all in. The Railway Trail is also great for walkers and hikers. You can go at your own pace and really indulge in the view. Visitors can also ferry in or out of Hamilton to one end and then ride, walk or hike to various places for more exploration. There are a couple of bicycle rental outfitters on the island for your convenience. If you are a little more adventurous, try renting a moped. Being the vehicle of choice on the island, there are plenty of shops that rent them. Take a quick lesson and you’ll be off on your way. Only residents are allowed to own cars so visitors have the choice of bicycles, mopeds, taxis or the public bus system.

One of the most popular sports played in Bermuda is golf. There are 8 courses scattered all over the island. Getting a tee time can be tough, so be certain to make reservations in advance. Also, be sure to check the dress code as many of the courses ask that you wear a collared shirt and no “short” shorts or bathing suits. Bermudians are known for their respectfully reserved style and this certainly shows on the golf courses.

If you or your kids are interested in marine life but don’t want to go in the water, Bermuda is home to a wonderful aquarium and zoo. They have several huge turtles and beautiful birds among many other wonderful animals. The indoor aquarium is interesting as well.

Bermuda’s Botanical Gardens house a variety of beautiful tropical flora which should not be missed. They offer walking tours which are very informative. There is also a Dog Show which comes to Bermuda and is located on the grounds of the Botanical Gardens. For nature lovers, there are a couple of reserves where you wander and view wildlife including birds, at your own pace.

Two extremes on Bermuda are the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and the Crystal Caves. At Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, you can climb to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy a view of the whole island. At the Crystal Caves, you can take a guided tour and follow a sloping pathway into the caves. There are stalactites, stalagmites and beautifully clear lakes in the caves. Both offer views you might not get if you just stayed near the beaches.

Bermuda also has several historic homes and museums with a couple in the town of St. George. St. George is fun to explore with a square of shops and restaurants, and lots of narrow streets. There is also the famous Fort St. Catherine which is located on the eastern tip of the island. There is a museum outlining historic events associated with the Fort and Bermuda so anyone interested in history will want to visit this area.

As you can see, whether you want to relax on the beach or explore the island, Bermuda has many options. With warm people and wonderful sights, it is the perfect blend of fun and sun. Enjoy it!

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