Cosmetic lifetimes: When does makeup get old?

When does your makeup get old? There is a general timeline on when to discard makeup.

How long have you had your eyeliner? How long have you been using your mascara? Do you ever wonder if the makeup you use on your face day after day ever gets too old to use? Well, the answer is yes, it does. All makeup has an expiration date, so to speak. It probably won’t do much harm if it is slightly past its life expectancy, but it can cause you to break out and have skin problems.

Cosmetic lifetimes: When does makeup get old?

Once you open a cosmetic product, the oxygen can cause it to reach its end. This happens when the germs and bacteria in the oxygen are exposed to the cosmetic product. There is even a time to discard unopened cosmetics. If the product looks bad, tastes bad or even smells funny, do not continue to use. There are even times when a product is past its prime but it still seems to be just fine. In my general timeline of cosmetic expiration dates it is all recommended that you discontinue use after that time.

If you have had a cosmetic product for three years, it is time to say goodbye. Discard unopened makeup after three years to be safe. You also need to be aware that a makeup sponge applicator does not last forever either. On the contrary, it only lasts for about a week. After that time bacteria can begin to attach to the sponge and then be deposited onto your skin causing breakouts.
The cosmetics you use on your face are also very time sensitive. Loose and pressed powder last about one to two years. A shimmer powder only lasts about one year. The liquid and cream foundation lasts somewhere between three and six months. Concealer is about the same, toss it after three to six months. Depending on the type of blush you have is how long you can expect it to last. A cream blush can last from six to twelve months. A powder blush can last anywhere from one to three years.

Now we are moving on to eye makeup. Your mascara is good for generally three to six months. Liquid eyeliner is suitable for six months. All pencil lip and eyeliners are acceptable for one to two years. Your eye shadow will generally last between one and three years.

Lipstick will last about one to two years. Lip-gloss on the other hand, will only last one year. Moisturizer with SPF and without SPF can last between six and twelve months. Blemish gel lasts six months. Nail polish is good for a year. Your favorite fragrances will last a good three years.

Now these are general timelines. It can not be said for sure when makeup is expired. Part of it is up to your discretion. If you feel it has an odd odor or looks bad, then it probably is and should be thrown away. To keep your cosmetics in good condition, they should be stored in a cool, dry place out of the sun. Make sure to close the lids tightly and wash your applicator sponges and brushes regularly with warm soapy water to remove any built-up bacteria.

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