Gardening Tips: Container Water Gardens

Water gardens have universal appeal. The sight and sound of the water is so tranquil.

Those with limited garden space can enjoy a container water garden. They require very little space, and bring so much enjoyment. Apartment gardeners can have water gardens on decks or balconies.

Choose the best possible site for your water garden. Look for a partly sunny spot. It should get at least four hours of sun each day. Full sun generally isn’t suitable. Neither is full shade.

Choosing the container is the next step. This can be confusing. So many kinds are available. The style should match that of the surroundings. A whiskey barrel is ideal for informal gardens, but in some situations it would look out of place.

Indoor home gardening Creating easy indoor water gardens 300x300 Gardening Tips: Container Water Gardens

Gardening Tips: Container Water Gardens

Plants can be the focal point for water gardens. Yet tabletop fountains and miniature container waterfalls don’t need plants. The gentle movement of the water from these mini gardens is very desirable.

Most water gardening catalogs will have a number of dwarf water plants. Lilypons offers several varieties of miniature lotus plants. Use both flowering plants like the lotus and attractive foliage plants.

Dwarf papyrus ( Cyperus isocladus) is especially suited to container water gardens. Hardy to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit, it only grows to about a foot tall. This graceful plant has delicate leaves and wispy flower heads. Papyrus was a very important plant in ancient Egypt. It had many uses.

Avoid using invasive plants in container gardens. These usually spread by runners, and can easily overcrowd the other plants.

In creating container water gardens, there are two approaches. One is to buy a complete kit. For example, whiskey barrel fountain kits are available.

Do-it-yourself types would rather create their own container water garden. Beginners will find the new series of handbooks from Barron’s on water gardening to be very helpful. It includes Tabletop Fountains by Rod Ferring and Container Water Gardens by Philip Swindells. Every step of the process is lushly illustrated in color. Each volume contains numerous projects with details on design, construction, maintenance, practical advice, and tips on choosing plants and fish.

Tabletop Fountains features various types from miniature waterfalls to small rock cascades and decorative spouts. Container Water Gardens features standard containers like barrels and tubs to sinks and troughs as well as free- standing pots. A special section on Japanese features is also included.

Enjoy the many pleasures of water gardening with container water gardens and miniature tabletop fountains on your deck or patio.

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