Choosing the mascara brush shape to give yourself long, full, natural, or curly lashes

What the different brush shapes do

Who wants raccoon eyes? Getting the look you want from your mascara can be enhanced by the type of applicator you choose to use. Depending on what Mother Nature denied you in the eyelash department, choosing your mascara brush shape can help you achieve the kind of eyelashes you desire. Trying to determine which kind of brush to use can be confusing. By knowing what each kind of applicator brush will do for your eyelashes can help you decide which brush to use and how to use it.

The formula of mascara will also have an impact of the outcome of the application of your mascara, but using different brush shapes will also enhance your eyelashes to achieve longer, thicker, curlier and more noticeable eyelashes. You should use at least two coats of mascara, but be sure to use the kind of brush you need to achieve your “look.”

Choosing the mascara brush shape to give yourself long, full, natural, or curly lashes

For a “natural” look, use a mascara brush with widely spaced bristles. The wide bristles will define and separate your lashes. This keeps your lashes from looking clumpy and over applied. If you already have thick lashes and are just looking for color or lengthening of your lashes, this would be a good choice for you.
For thicker looking lashes use a mascara brush with dense tapered bristles. This will deposit more mascara onto each lash. The wider the brush the more mascara will be deposited on your lashes, thus making them look fuller and thicker. To avoid looking too clumped then use an eyelash comb after applying the mascara to help separate your lashes.

Using a curved mascara brush coats and lifts your eyelashes, making them look longer. The curve of the brush more closely resembles the curve of your lash line, also creating more curl. This type of brush can also help you reach some of your harder to reach lashes in the corners of your eyes as well as your lower lashes. Remember to apply two coats, letting each coat dry before applying the second coat.

Mascara brushes that have multileveled bristles bring your eyelashes upward, making them look more curled and long. Again, the length of the brush will help cover more of your lashes. Also, the multi-levels will help keep your lashes from looking clumpy and over-applied. This type of brush will help create more texture to your lashes to make them look fuller.

Mascara is a good tool to use to create a lash look that you may not have acquired naturally. By using the different kinds of brushes for application you can compensate for any look you don’t have but you want. It is important to apply enough mascara and to as many of your lashes as possible to take full advantage of your mascara application. However, don’t over-apply your mascara making your lashes look flaky and clumped. No matter what type of brush you choose to use, remember to periodically clean your mascara brush and throw away any mascara over six months old. Using an appropriate mascara brush for the look you are trying to achieve will help you get the most out of your mascara purchase.

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