Children’s birthday: Unique gift ideas for the 1st birthday

Some unique gift ideas for baby’s first birthday.

One of the most exciting milestones in the life of the family unit is the celebration of baby’s first birthday. It is in that spirit that we strive to purchase a meaningful gift, reflective of this very special occasion. While the most common items are typically gifts such as a photo album, Christmas ornament or outfit for that special day, there are a lot of creative options to these more traditional offerings. Here are a few ideas for some unique gifts that are designed to celebrate baby’s first year of life.

Throughout a child’s life, most parents practice the tradition of gauging their youngster’s growth. How many times have we all seen a doorway with pencil markings on the jamb, indicating the height of young Andy at any given age? For that first birthday, give the gift of a personalized growth chart. This comes in the form of a lovely wooden measuring tool that will serve to mark the progress of a child’s growth from infancy to adolescence, with designated areas for writing the name and age. One of the more unique elements of this particular chart is the fact that it provides photo slots so that parents can include a picture of the child for each year of life.

social Childrens birthday: Unique gift ideas for the 1st birthday

Some unique gift ideas for baby's first birthday.

Another gift for baby, that’s also very practical, is the hand painted birthday plate. Designed to be used for the yearly piece of birthday cake, this item can be personalized to include either the child’s first name or the family’s surname. The advantage of using the surname is that it can be used for each member of the family on their special day. This beautiful plate measures 11” in diameter and is made of hand painted pottery.
Books make wonderful gifts for children and also foster a spirit of family togetherness when parents read to their youngsters. Consider purchasing a subscription to a Book of the Month club as your gift to that special little one on their first birthday. Throughout the year, the family will receive reading selections that can be read at story time and saved for later years when their youngster begins the reading process on their own.

Personalized CDs are very popular gift items for children. Typically, the child’s name is peppered throughout the various songs to make these both fun and practical gifts– youngsters are introduced to music at a very early age and will be lulled into a peaceful sleep each night by their very own keepsake. Depending upon the manufacturer, there are a wide variety of songs from which to choose, including educational songs to help the growing child learn their letters and numbers.

Baby Time Capsules make very unique gifts and will provide a safe environment for the storage of baby’s keepsakes. These are designed to contain memorabilia from the child’s actual day of birth and are sealed until a pre-determined date in the future, when the child is an adult. The time capsule tube comes complete with the various elements that are needed to assemble it, as well as a booklet of instructions and guidelines.

Parents often choose to keep baby’s first tooth or a lock of their hair. There are now beautiful little porcelain containers that have been created to hold these special treasures. Designs often include a tooth shaped box for the infant’s tooth and rattle or toy shaped boxes for tiny tresses. Some manufacturers will even personalize the box so that parents can determine which of these belong to a particular child in the family.

Also available is a keepsake box for baby’s first pair of shoes. These come in a variety of designs and can include appropriate text and artwork. Some have a designated area on the box – the top or on one of the inside surfaces – for baby’s footprints. The ink kit is included in the gift package and has been designed to capture those cherished prints without mess.

All babies eventually graduate from bottle to their very first drinking cup. Mark this special event with a personalized cup which includes the child’s name and birthdate. These are available in various materials, from plastic to pewter. The benefit of purchasing such a gift in pewter is that it will become a true keepsake and can be kept throughout their adult years – and even beyond, by passing it down to future generations.

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