Cheap romantic vacation ideas such as cruises, Bed & Breakfast getaways, family cabins, or a camping trip

Cheap romantic vacation ideas

Every couple is different and may have a different idea of what is romantic. Depending on yearly income and expenses, vacation budgets may differ for some too, but there are some tried and true favorites for couples.

If the couple has a cottage or cabin in either of their families, that is always a fun weekend getaway. Most cabins are either on a lake or in the mountains, nestled away from the chaos of everyday life. Couples can bring their own groceries and cook romantic dinners together. They can make bonfires around the open pit and watch the sunset at night. They can take hikes through the woods or go up into the mountains. If it is on the water, they could rent a boat or a jet-ski and enjoy an afternoon on the water with the wind blowing through their hair. This type of trip the cost is minimal because the accommodations is free, and couple would only have to pay for food and rentals such as a boat, jet-ski or other sports equipment, since this trip is about nature and romance.

Cheap romantic vacation ideas

For those couples who want to really rough it and enjoy nature and romance, there is always camping. There’s something truly romantic about sitting at a campfire watch the stars with someone you love. I feel the same way about sharing a tent and nestling close to someone in the cool spring and summer nights. There’s something sweet about cooking pancakes for breakfast or the fish you caught for dinner over an open fire together. The activities may be similar to staying in a cabin. The couple may do a lot of swimming and hiking while they camping. They may also learn what they both do and don’t like about the great outdoors such as creatures. Traveling can be an enlightening experience.
For couples that like things a little more posh, another possibility is to escape to a Bed and Breakfast for the weekend. Depending on the formalness of the inn, they range in price from $70-$225 a night. Some inns only offer a few extra rooms in large house; others have 12-14 guest rooms in a country inn. Some may rent out a floor. My boyfriend and I stayed at one last fall where the owner rented out the entire bottom floor of the house, which included the Queen suite, a bathroom with a bathtub, a mini-kitchen stocked with food, and a sitting area with a television, with an outside patio. That was about a hundred dollars a night and we stayed 3 nights. She brought breakfast to us in our own sitting area, it was really romantic. At other inns, guests may have only their own bedroom and bathroom, and they may convene on the patio or in the dining room for a delicious breakfast. I have also visited this kind. Specialty breakfasts often include: western quiche, baked fruit French toast, and homemade muffins. An upper scale Bed and Breakfast, the ones that cost over $200 a night, often serve cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the evening by the fireplace in the sitting area. They generally only have 5-6 bedrooms and have 2 person Jacuzzis in most of them. Most Bed and Breakfasts are in small resort towns, where there are antique shops to look at during the day and romantic restaurants to dine at in the evening. Most are near hiking trails or near a beach so a romantic walk for two is also recommended.

If a couple wanted to vacation out of the local area, then a cruise may be a viable option. If you vacation slightly off season, couples can find prices for 4-5 day cruises to the Caribbean for about $400 a person, if they do not want the most expensive rooms on the ship. With a cruise, couples get their accommodations and their food paid for. They would just need to find cheap airfare to wherever they are sailing from. But all their entertainment is paid for, they can go dancing on the ship, they can lay out by the pool, and they get to try lots of new food. Some ships even have a casino or a spa for a little extra money. Besides, they’ll be seeing gorgeous sights at the Caribbean when the ships docks from time to time. I personally want to go on a cruise for my honeymoon because I think it’ll be a trip we can afford, as well as very romantic and lots of exciting and new adventures.

A trip is as unique as the couple, but every couple needs some time away to rejuvenate so hopefully these ideas will move you in that direction. Let nature and romance take its course.

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