Beauty tips: What is body makeup, and how to use it? It can be used to cover tattoos, scars, and veins, among other things

What is body makeup? Body makeup is makeup that is applied anywhere except the face. For example, it can be used on legs, arms, the torso, and so on. Normally, when the term “body makeup” is used, it is referring to a thick, foundation-like substance that is used to cover tattoos, scars, veins, and other blemishes on the legs, arms, or torso. However, body makeup can also refer to things such as shimmering body powder, self tanner, and bronzing powder.
These body makeups are normally used for cosmetic purposes or to improve one’s overall appearance. The body makeup that is used as a cover-up is thicker than face makeup since the skin on the rest of the body is thicker than the skin on the face. However, the one exception I have found to this rule is a spray on leg makeup. It is made by Sally Hansen and is called Air Spray Leg Makeup. According to several users, it works just as well as the thicker, foundation-like substances. The only complaint for the spray-on leg makeup was that it didn’t last as long. So, if you need something that is going to withstand wear and tear, your best bet is to go with the more common brands such as Dermablend or Coverblend.

Beauty tips: What is body makeup, and how to use it?

Body concealer has many uses. The most common use of body makeup is on the legs to cover up spider veins, bruises, freckles, or even small cuts. Some body makeup can even be used to cover up tattoos! Body makeup is also often used on the chest, arms, or back to even out skin tone. So, what are the rules of using body makeup? First, it is imperative that you match the shade of makeup you are using as closely as possible to your skin tone. The one exception is if your arms are tan but your legs are not. If this is the case, you can use makeup that is one shade darker than your skin on your legs so that they will match the color of your arms. Once you have found the shade of makeup that best matches the shade of your skin, you need to “set” it with loose powder. This allows the makeup to stay put and not smudge off on your clothing. Most companies that manufacture body makeup also make a clear powder to go with each different shade. Make sure you purchase this in addition to the body makeup!

Applying body makeup is not that different than applying facial makeup. Before you begin, it is best for your skin to be exfoliated, cleansed, and moisturized. This ensures a smooth surface which allows the shade of body makeup to better blend with your skin tone. First, pat the makeup on the area with a latex sponge and blend into your skin. Next, pat the corresponding clear powder over the makeup using a clean powder puff. Make sure you really cover the area with powder well to avoid smudging. Then, brush off any extra powder with a powder brush. Powder brushes, powder puffs, and latex sponges can be purchased at any local beauty supply store or drugstore. Finally, you MUST make sure that your body makeup is dry before getting dressed.

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