Beauty Tips: Treat yourself to a home pedicure

Pedicures should be a relaxing experience. This is the perfect time to put on the classical-music station, let the answering machine catch the phone and light your favorite aromatherapeutic candle.

-Fill a small tub with warm water. If you don’t have a tub handy, fill your bathtub 1/2 of the way and perch yourself on the edge.

-Gather everything you need around you so you don’t have to go hopping around on wet or freshly painted feet.

-Put a couple of drops of aromatherapeutic oil, like lavender, in the warm water. You’ll benefit doubly by inhaling the vapors and absorbing them into your skin.

-Soak your feet for at least 10 minutes, or longer if you’d like. There really isn’t any hurry.

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Beauty Tips: Treat yourself to a home pedicure

-Point and wiggle your toes. Let the warm water work its magic on overworked foot muscles.

-Use a pumice stone to wear down that thick, dry skin on the bottom of your feet. Make a habit of using the pumice stone a little each day when you shower, and your feet will be smooth and silky in a week.

-Thoroughly dry your feet with the fresh fluffy towel that you have handy.

-Massage lotion into your feet one foot at a time. Knead the soles of your feet with your thumb. Rub the ball of your foot in circular motions. Bend your toes all around, and don’t forget to use both hands to massage your ankles.

-You might need to push the cuticle on your big toes back with an orange stick.

-Trim your toenails. Cut them straight across to prevent ingrown toe nails.

-You might want to file your big toenails if it’s difficult to cut them evenly.

-Polish your toenails with a bright, sassy color. Your feet will look so good, you’ll want to draw attention to them.

-Give each tootsie a light puff of talcum powder and admire your handiwork.

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