Beauty tips: The perfect way to treat yourself is to spend a day at a spa

Spa Treatments

There are treatments to refresh and relax every part of your body. Many treatments can be had simultaneously. You can get a facial treatment while having a manicure, or get a pedicure while having a deep conditioning treatment for your hair.

One of the most popular treatments at a spa is a facial. There are facials for every skin type – from dry skin to oily skin or even combination skin. Many spas offer special facials just for teenage skin. A facial treatment involves cleansing of the face and the removal of blackheads and pimples. Then a facial masque is applied to your face and most of your neck. It is left on for twenty to thirty minutes and then rinsed off with warm water. A facial treatment lasts typically for an hour an a half and costs $60 – $95.

Beauty tips: The perfect way to treat yourself is to spend a day at a spa

Another popular treatment at a spa is massage. Massage can relax you and it can re-energize you. There are many different types of massage. Swedish massage is the most popular and involves long, rhythmic strokes. This massage is excellent for releasing tension. A Swedish massage costs $60.

Many spas now offer hot stone massage. During a hot stone massage the heated stones are pressed against the client’s oiled body in a massaging motion. The hot stones increase circulation in the body and also reduce muscle soreness. Many hot stone experts say this type of massage helps to release toxins from the body quickly. A hot stone massage costs $80.

A lot of spas also offer ayurvedic massage. This massage uses sesame oil with essential oils that are specifically blended for your body typed (called Dosha in ayurvedic healing). The scented oils are poured down your spine and then you are massaged from your toes to your head. This massage is thorough and gentle. It ends with a stream of the warm oil poured over your forehead, which puts you into a deep state of relaxation. This massage usually costs $80.

Another popular type of massage is lymphatic drainage massage. This is a light touch massage that is very soothing. It is designed to eliminate toxins in the blood stream. This massage usually costs $70.

Many athletes and “weekend warriors” like to get sports massages. A sports massage releases fatigue, promotes flexibility, reduces muscle soreness and reduces swelling. This massage if often done with a deeper pressure than the other massages and at a faster pace, but still for the same amount of time. A sports massage costs $70.

Most massage treatments at spas last for an hour. But many spas offer extended hour treatments that last for ninety minutes. The price of the massage would then be one half more of the one hour price. This is a great way to sink into a deep relaxing state.

Many people that go to spas like to have mud wraps. Spa mud is well known for its health properties – it contains minerals and often reduces the appearance of wrinkles. After having a mud wrap you feel very relaxed and refreshed and you look much more vibrant and alive.

A mud wrap treatment typically involves sitting in a mud wrap for twenty minutes and then taking a hot mineral shower. You then spend some time in a steam room. You are then wrapped in a warm mud wrap. Thirty minutes later you take a hot mineral shower to remove the dried mud, and then have a cup of herbal tea or a glass of spring water. A mud wrap treatment usually takes about an hour and a half and costs $90.

An herbal body wrap is very relaxing. This treatment takes less time and is just as relaxing as a mud wrap. You begin with twenty minutes in a mud bath followed by a hot mineral shower. Then you spend time in a steam room. You are then wrapped in a cool and refreshing herbal body wrap. Many herbs reduce tension and relax you. This treatment lasts for an hour and cots $70.

If you want soft and silky hair, consider a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. A deep conditioning treatment begins with the shampooing of your hair. Then you are treated to a luxurious scalp and neck massage. Warm conditioning oils with botanicals are applied to your hair. Your hair is wrapped in a heated towel and you are placed under a heated hair dryer. The oils are left in your hair for an hour and then rinsed out with warm water. This treatment lasts for an hour and a half and costs $60.

It can be an indulgent experience to get your nails done at a spa. A spa manicure and pedicure are a very luxurious experience. A manicure begins with selecting your nail polish color. Most spas have more than twenty nail polish colors to choose from – you are certain to find the perfect color there. Your fingernails are then trimmed and buffed and then your hands and arms are massaged. Then your nails are polished. Your hands are put under spa nail dryers and you are given a neck and back massage while your nails dry. A spa manicure treatment usually takes an hour and costs $30.

If you are having your fingernails done you certainly can’t ignore your feet! A spa pedicure is a wonderful and very relaxing experience. You are shown to an individual footbath in a private room. Essential oils and bath oils are added to your footbath. The footbath is turned on and massaging jets of water splash your feet and massage the bottoms of your feet. After your feet have soaked, they are dried off with big fluffy towels and you are given your own spa flip flops to wear. You will wear these while they do your pedicure. Your toenails are then trimmed and buffed. Your legs are massaged and so are your feet. Then your toenail polish is applied. Once your toe polish is applied, you are shown to the spa pedicure dryers and your back and neck are massaged. A spa pedicure usually takes an hour and a half and costs $40.

There are so many indulgent luxuries waiting for you at the spa. You can spend the entire day there, or just go for one or two treatments. So be good to yourself and investigate having a spa treatment today!

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