Beauty tips: How to use make up to cover up freckles

Covering freckles can be done with three products, foundation, powder and concealer. Using the right tools and techniques will get the best results.

Having freckles when you were a kid was cute, but when you have them as an adult you sometimes want to get rid of them completely or at least camouflage them occasionally.

Freckles are hyper-pigmentation of the skin due to sun exposure. The reason the body produces freckles is actually a defense mechanism to protect the skin from the harsh sun. The darker the skin, the less damage can be done by the sun, therefore the body produces patches of darker pigment to protect that portion of the body that is overexposed to the sun.

Beauty tips: How to use make up to cover up freckles

The amount of freckling is determined on your genes. Some lucky people have no freckling at all while some of us are covered head to toe because of our heritage. Either way sun protection is your first defense in preventing freckles. Always wear sunscreen.

Now that you already have freckles, how do you cover them? The first step is to determine how extensive an area you want to cover. If it is just your face that has freckles that you want to hide you can use a foundation, powder and a concealer.

Just because you want to cover freckles on your face doesn’t mean that you have to use a heavy foundation. Find a foundation that fits your lifestyle. If you don’t usually wear foundation, you won’t be happy with a full coverage product. Go with something lightweight or medium coverage and don’t forget the SPF of at least 15.

Make sure you also find the right finish to your foundation. If you are dry, a matte or powder finish will feel uncomfortable on your skin, so choose a product that is moisturizing. The same goes with oily skin in choosing a foundation. Something that prevents your skin from getting shiny during the day will make you more satisfied with your foundation.

There are so many choices of foundations, be sure to get an expert opinion before you buy. Going to a department store that has beauty advisors or bringing a friend along to get a second opinion is a smart thing to do.

When you have finally chosen a foundation, the application is the next step in covering your freckles. Most people use their fingers or possibly a sponge to apply their foundation, but there is a tool that will do a more thorough application of the product. A foundation brush is perfect for camouflaging anything on the face or body. Most foundation brushes are made of synthetic or blended hair to make it more durable. They come in all sorts of sizes. I like the Mac #190 brush. The #190 is flat and easy to work with either by using the side of the brush to paint on product heavy or using the tip to lightly apply foundation.

Foundation is meant to even out the skin tone so apply the product where you want to do that. Usually the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks are a little more uneven than the rest of the face. By now the freckles should be a shade lighter in color than when you started.

Next you will need concealer. This product will due the heavy- duty job of actually covering the freckles. Concealer is supposed to be used in small areas and not the entire face. Once again using a brush for this will get you the best results. A small, synthetic brush that is a little stiff works best.

Take your brush and a small amount of the concealer and paint over the top of the foundation where you see the freckles you want to cover. Start with just a little and go back in to the product to cover more.

Your finally step is to use a powder to set the foundation and concealer. Using a loose powder with a large powder brush will give you the most natural finish. You can also use a large powder brush to dust across a compact and apply pressed powder to your face.

Using three products will get you the results you want for covering freckles. Remember the keys to camouflaging, always get an expert opinion on foundation, powder and concealer, use brushes for the best results, a little goes a long way and always wear sunscreen or have SPF in your foundation in order to prevent more freckling.

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