Beauty tips: How to pick a perfume that will last all day

Tips and tricks for making your fragrance last from morning to night.

Gone are the days when squirting the wrists with your chosen scent sufficed as an all day fragrance fix. In order to get the most of your perfume, it is important to follow a few guidelines. Followed correctly, you are sure to make an impact.

1. Read labels! Steer clear of perfumes that are alcohol based. Choose oil based products instead. Oil tends to react better with human body chemicals, hence, giving you an understated fragrance effect. No one likes the scent of overpowered, cheap knock offs. These imitators tend to use alcohol as their base, giving the wearer that ‘eye watering’ odor. Don’t be afraid to put down a little more money to get the best perfume either. Always chose the eau de parfum if you’re able to afford it! You’ll find yourself having to reapply it less often!

Beauty tips: How to pick a perfume that will last all day

2. Experiment! On your next shopping spree, start out by stopping at your favorite department store and sampling one (JUST ONE!) scent on the inside of your right wrist. At the end of the day, give that wrist a sniff. Has the scent developed on your skin? Has it revealed a new, even better smelling fragrance as you have worn it? Good perfumes have a variety of different tones that react differently with your personal body chemistry. A perfume that suits you will reveal lovely under notes as the day wears on. However, if you notice that the scent has changed into something LESS pleasurable by the day’s close, try something else. Remember, perfume will NOT smell the same after being exposed to your skin as it does freshly emitted from the bottle.

3. Keep it tucked away! How you store your perfume is important also. If you’re going to be traveling, make sure you keep your perfumes in a sealed, tight, zip top baggie. Too much exposure to heat, light, or humidity can alter its scent, and cause it to dry up faster. Much like champagne, as soon as you open your bottle of your perfume, it’s going to begin oxidizing, so even while at home, try to keep your perfume sealed in air tight containers, and make sure it’s kept in a cool, dry, dark place. If you have a choice between buying one large bottle of perfume, or two or three smaller ones, got for the smaller ones, it will be easier to maintain it’s shelf life. If you live in an area that’s especially hot and humid, keep your fragrance in the refrigerator! It’s a great way to maintain its potency, and cool off at the same time!

4. Lay it on thick! Do not underestimate the importance of LAYERING. Many perfumes offer distinct lines of body products that compliment the actual perfume. Layering causes your scent to last, as well as gives you that desired lingering affect after you leave a room. Start your fragrance layering by using the bath/shower gel that accompanies your chosen fragrance. Not only will this give a good base to an all day scent, but it will add to a relaxing showering experience as well. After your shower, apply the sister body lotion of your perfume. Do this right after toweling off. The hot water from your shower causes the pores in your skin to open, making it more susceptible to retaining the moisture and the fragrance. Lastly, apply your eau de toilette or perfume to the inside of one wrist. Then spray a cloud of the scent into the air and walk through it. Because you have layered your fragrance, there is no need to spray a lot of your perfume. Another good place to place the fragrance is on the back of your knees, because as the day wears on, the heat from your body will cause the scent to rise up and out. Love your fragrance so much you want to keep it with you all the way to bedtime? Visit your local department store’s fragrance counter and ask for a couple samples, or tear the samples out of magazines. Place them in your lingerie drawer, so your clothes begin absorbing that scent also.

Finding a fragrance that makes you feel sophisticated, sexy, and fun is easier than ever due to the endless number of scents out there today. Once you’ve found it, it’s easy to find a way to maintain that beautiful scent all day long. Pretty soon, people will begin associating that amazing scent you wear with you, and what better impression can you make on total strangers?

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