Beauty tips: How to get rid of a double chin

A double chin is a problem for many. It is not just something that affects those who are overweight. Around the age of 35 everything starts to go south, including the area below the chin.

No matter how youthful and athletic a person appears, the neck and chin always tell a person’s true age. Lines begin to form, and once tight skin starts to become loose and flabby. As some people age they appear to develop a wattle like that of a turkey.

How to get rid of a double chin

Diet and exercise can help reduce the amount of fat beneath the jaw and chin area, but the development of sagging skin is part of the aging process. Sagging skin can only be remedied with expensive surgical procedures.

Men with a double chin or a sagging neck can help hide the problem by growing a beard. To hide an extra chin, the beard should be kept short under the chin area and longer above the jaw line. Although this can help remedy the problem, not all men can grow a beard, and some may not want to sport a beard. Beards can be hot during the summer, and they require time for proper grooming.

Men typically don’t wear makeup, but a light application of foundation or skin-colored blush below the jaw line can do wonders to improve the appearance of a double chin or sagging neck. It may be a concern that other people will notice the makeup. More than likely a little foundation or below the jaw line will go completely unnoticed. Actors and television newsmen wear makeup on a regular basis in an effort to hide flaws on camera. Anyone can benefit from a little makeup. It’s time to give up the old double standard that only women can use cosmetics.

Find a flesh-tone foundation or blush that is one shade darker than your skin. Apply liquid foundation with your fingertips or a sponge applicator. Apply powder with a makeup brush. Place the color just below the jaw line from ear to ear. The difference will be so subtle that no one will know the shadow is actually makeup. Avoid applying the makeup to your neck. Only apply it directly beneath the jaw. Blend the edges so there isn’t a definite line. The difference you see will be amazing. You’ll wish you had tried this technique long ago.

Wearing a shirt with a wide neckline will also help diminish the appearance of a double chin or sagging neck. Avoid clothing or jewelry that draws the eyes up to the chin area.

Women can also help hide a double chin or sagging neck with the use of blush or foundation. Follow the same rules of application as stated above, but also add a lighter highlight above the jaw line. Use a flesh-colored foundation or blush that is appropriate for your particular skin tone. Chose a color that is one shade lighter than your complexion. Apply the highlighting color just above the jaw line, and blend the edges into your usual foundation.

Accentuate your eyes with eye shadow appropriate for your eye color and skin tone. Don’t overdo the eye makeup, but give people a reason to look at your eyes rather than any flaws you may have.

Women should also choose blouses and tops that have a broad neckline. Avoid high-neck tops and accessories that draw the eyes up to the neck and chin area.

Choose a hairstyle that compliments the shape of your face. The best hairstyle for a woman with a double chin or sagging neck is one that frames the face. The length should be at or above the chin area.

Women with curly or wavy hair should have a style that is angled slightly at the ends next to the jaw. Angling the sides for the purpose of framing the face will not work for curly or wavy hair. Cutting the hair in this manner will only make the hair wavier and will do nothing to hide the chin. It is also important to keep the hair length at or above the chin.

Using all of these techniques combined will greatly diminish the appearance of a double chin or sagging neck. You’ll notice an immediate difference in the way you look, and the way you feel about your appearance.

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