Beauty Tips: How to get perfect eyebrows

Who would have thought that a few subtle plucks could make such a difference? But they do. Sculpted eyebrows can open up your whole face and make your eyes seem both brighter and more dramatic. Perfectly groomed brows will give you a more finished or polished look, even when you aren’t wearing a drop of makeup. After all, it’s the perfect eyebrow arch that separates the girls from the glamour girls.

-Pencil thin and glamorous or slightly arched and au naturale, eyebrow shapes and styles are all over the board, according to up-to-the-minute fashion mags. Check out supermodel spreads to find an eyebrow shape that will fit your style.

-Never plucked until now? Splurge and have a professional makeup artist do it the first time. You’ll love the results and it hurts a lot less when someone else is doing it for you.

-Painless Plucking? If you soak your brow region under a warm, wet cloth, your pores will open up and loosen their tight grip.

Beauty Tips: How to get perfect eyebrows

-Wash your tweezers in soapy warm water and then wipe them with rubbing alcohol before each use.

-To get picture-perfect results on your own, draw on the perfect brow with a colored eye pencil (even blue will do). Then mercilessly pluck any stray hairs that aren’t covered in pencil color.

-Plucking in the same direction that the hair is growing will make those stray, sensitive ones by your eyelid hurt less.

-Unibrow? Pluck away those middle hairs so that your eyebrows start just above the inner corner of your eye.

-The highest part of the arch should land slightly to the far side of the colored part of your eye. Mark both sides with a colored eyeliner to make sure they’re symmetrical before you start plucking away.

-End your new eyebrow about half a centimeter past the outer corner of your eye.

-Swipe with an antiseptic to clean and close pores when you’re done.

-Oooops, over-plucked? Fill in patches with a matching eyebrow pencil. Then the trick is to blend it all in with a tiny eyebrow brush.

-Squirt a tiny bit of hairspray on the tip of your finger and then smooth over your brows for long-term hold.

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