Beauty & Style: 12 Simple Beauty Tips

Are you guilty of wearing little or no makeup because you’re afraid of looking overdone? Relax. There are three simple rules for natural looking makeup:
1) Use the proper tools to make the job a lot easier (and quicker).
2) Use the correct colors for your skin tone.
3) Always blend your makeup well.

Tip 1
Have the proper tools on hand:

Cotton Swabs
Use for applying eyeshadow, smudging, eyeliner, and removing small mistakes.

Beauty & Style: 12 Simple Beauty Tips

Use for applying concealer, foundation, and to erase big mistakes (like too much blush!) Most versatile shape: triangular wedges.

Use for applying blush and loose powders. The bigger the brush, the softer the color effect.

Tip 2
Start with a clean face and use a moisturizer that is correct for your skin type. This will give your makeup a smooth surface to adhere to, thereby helping prevent fade out, streaking, and meltdown.

Tip 3
Using a cotton swab, dot foundation on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin and blend carefully with featherlight strokes using one of the methods described below. It should seem as if your foundation has become one with your skin. Make sure to blend well at the jawline too.

Tip 4
Foundation Basics:
Sheer to Medium Coverage
Use a damp makeup sponge to blend makeup

Medium to Heavy Coverage
Use a dry makeup sponge to blend makeup.

Tip 5
Dust entire face with powder to help set makeup and control oil. This will also help blush go on smoother. (If skin is oily, carry a pressed powder compact and re-apply during the day.)

Tip 6
Using a cottton swab, dot concealer on undereye circles and areas where skin tone is uneven. Blend with a damp makeup sponge, using a very light touch. Dust again with translucent powder.

Tip 7
Always smudge eyeliner (and lipliner) for a natural look.

Tip 8
To keep eyeliner from running, go over it with a matte eyeshadow in the same color.

Tip 9
To keep eyeshadow in place, dot lid with foundation and apply a dusting of translucent powder before applying eyeshadow.

Tip 10
To avoid over coating lashes with mascara, start with the formula you need. Thickening or lengthening is in the formulation, not in the application. Always wipe excess mascara off the wand onto a tissue before you start.

Tip 11
Blush shouldn’t stand out on your face. If it does, it hasn’t been blended well enough. To correct, dust cheek area with translucent powder and re-blend with a dry makeup sponge.

Tip 12
Lip Exfoliation:
At least once a week using either a washcloth or a toothbrush, gently rub lips to remove dead skin and lipstick buildup.

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