Beauty and Makeup: Red Lipstick Tips

Red lipstick is classic and is incredibly glamorous, but when worn at the wrong time or wrong place or with the less than perfect colors it can be not-so-sultry. With a little know how, wearing red lipstick can be liberating and sizzling…Here are some great tips on when to wear it and when and where not to and how to pull off the look.

Beauty and Makeup: Red Lipstick Tips

Here are the top 8 picks for where and when not to wear red lipstick…

  1. Daytime (if you do, keep it light and glossy).
  2. To the gym – you’re working out, keep it simple.
  3. To the beach – go au natural.
  4. When you’re getting ready to eat because red lipstick on your fork isn’t sexy.
  5. On your wedding day – you don’t want it all over your husband when you kiss!
  6. When you’re smoking a lot – if you’re out for cocktails and smokes, forego the cigs.
  7. When you’re wearing white – who knows why your lipstick got onto your pants, but it did…
  8. To the grocery store – no need to dress up too much ladies.

Now that you have a good idea of where and when not to wear your sexy fiery shade of red, now find out when to wear it…

  1. A date – this is a great time to channel your inner Kim Cattral from Sex in the City and ooze your very own inner vamp.
  2. An evening gala event – because it instantly gives you sexy drama.
  3. A high school reunion – you’ve been fantasizing about wowing your old classmates for 20 years now. Turn up the sexiness.
  4. Your kid’s high school graduation – just because you’ve still got it.
  5. At your wedding reception – because you’re a new sexy married woman.

What not to wear with it…

It’s always a good idea not to match too much. Just like the rule of not matching your eye shadow to your clothing, which is a number one fashion mistake, matching your red lipstick to your fire red dress and shoes, is not the best thing to do. Do a brick red to switch up the look instead.

How to pull it off…

When wearing dark red lips, don’t do the eyes—just add a dash of mascara and your done. You don’t want to look too made up.

Make sure it goes with your…skin tone. Make sure you’re wearing the right color. Everybody can wear red lipstick; you just need to make sure it’s the right shade. For hip tips on what colors go with which type of skin, keep reading.

More Tips:

For light skin: True reds look great on blondes.

For African-Americans: Try a blue red or a burgundy tone, which looks great with darker skin tones.

For Olive skin tones: Orange-red lipstick looks flawless on you.

Red lipstick rule: If you burn, try cool tones and if you tan, try warm tones.

Avoid a faux pas by: not wearing red lipstick with pink or blue. Keep things easy and classic by wearing black clothing or neutral tones like beige.

So, go ahead and enjoy being sultry with red lipstick now that you know the rules.

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