Alternative Health: Keeping your smile ageless, too

A smile can say it all. Healthy teeth and gums make us feel ageless and want to smile back at the world…. herbs can change to way you look at dental hygiene

Keeping your smile ageless, too

As first impressions go, a smile can say it all. Healthy teeth and gums make you feel ageless and want to smile at the world, but regular toothpaste’s, mouthwashes and breath deodorizers do not compensate for bad oral hygiene and will only cure halitosis (bad breath), temporarily. By forty, fifty, sixty-something, most of us have a polished collection of fillings, crowns, inlays, bridges, or even a partial denture. Dental hygiene has made great technological advantages, but today’s modern diet so deficient in gum and teeth nutrients, it’s hardly surprising that most men over sixty take their teeth out of their mouth to clean them after meals.

Alternative Health: Keeping your smile ageless, too

With age the gums begin to recede due to the lack in the production of collagen, allowing the teeth to become more exposed and prone to breakage, decay and loss. Oral care is as crucial now as it was with baby milk teeth, but before reaching for your regular toothpaste, think about herbs that have natural cleansing, abrasive and antiseptic properties. There are herbal remedies that can effectively strength the gums, and prevent bleeding, strengthen tooth structure and control tartar build up. There are even therapies or herbal remedies that control plaque formations and resist infection or decay. Even if you were not born with the genes for wonderfully aligned sparkling white teeth, there’s plenty you can do to ensure healthy teeth and gums for the term of your natural life.

Some herbs have anesthetic properties that effectively ease the pain of exposed nerves in what we familiarly associate with toothache.

Aloe vera has a renown history for tooth care, since it heals damaged gums after dental surgery and abrasive cleaning, and its powerful antibacterial properties makes it lethal to five different strains of a microorganism that causes tooth decay.

Propolis tincture can heal the discomfort and size of mouth ulcers, bleeding gums and can also act as a local anesthetic. It is considered an important source of dentine nutrients.

Horsetail makes a refreshing gargle that heals sores and wounds of the gums, tongue and mucus membranes of the inner cheeks, mouth roof. It can be taken in liquid form or dried and made into a tooth powder with barberry bark, prickly ash and cayenne pepper.

Strawberries are delicious anytime of the year, especially if you pick them fresh and eat them sun ripened. Any man wanting an ageless smile can chew on the delicious fruit to make his teeth tartar free, and without chemical abrasives, strawberries can over time whiten them too. You may not want to eat a whole pound of fresh strawberries daily, to bring about this effect, but a simple, mouth refreshing wash of fresh strawberry juice and Aloe Vera gel that would leave your teeth clean and gleaming.

Blackberry leaf infusion has a toning, antiseptic and regenerative effect on the mucus membranes of the mouth and throat. If you have a bramble near your home, make a herbal tea, or chew on a few fresh (young) leaves every day – your smile will thank you for many years to come!

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