Adult Skin: Learn how the years can affect your skin and find tips on caring for it at any age

See how your skin changes over the years, and get a prescription for skin care that’s appropriate for you.

Birth to 20: Pristine Skin
Description: Skin is pristine at birth. Tanning and burning in the early years can add up to trouble later in life. In adolescence, oil production increases and blemishes may flare up.

Recommendations: Always protect skin from the sun with an SPF 15 sunscreen to avoid tanning. Establish a gentle, regular cleansing routine, healthy eating and sleeping habits and get plenty of exercise in the teen years. See a dermatologist if acne becomes a problem.

Adult Skin: Learn how the years can affect your skin

The 20s: Skin at its Prime
Description: Skin eruptions have often settled down, and skin may be at its prime–soft, supple and wrinkle-free.

Recommendations: Continue to wear sunscreen and stay away from tanning. A cleansing and moisturizing routine is important, especially if you are wearing makeup. Use an exfoliator, such as an alpha-hydroxy acid product or gentle scrub, if your skin responds well. Establish healthy sleep, exercise and eating habits, which pay off later on.

The 30s: Skin Begins to Show Age
Description: Wrinkles and age spots begin to appear, and tiny lines start to develop around the eyes. Hormones from pregnancy and oral contraceptives may cause some skin discoloration. Skin starts to look less radiant.

Recommendations: Regular use of moisturizer, especially for those with dry skin, becomes important now. Continue to guard against sun exposure with a sunscreen; protect your neck and hands as well as your face. AHA products can help keep skin looking vibrant and smooth. Maintain a regular exercise program, and make getting enough sleep a priority.

The 40s: Moisturizing is Essential
Description: Collagen and elastin decrease and the skin becomes dryer. Lines and wrinkles become more prominent. Blood circulation slows, leaving skin and lips with less of a blush.

Recommendations: Moisturizer is especially important now. AHA products and other exfoliators help increase skin-cell turnover. A change in makeup application may be appropriate. Stay physically active, but always wear sunscreen when outdoors and remember to drink lots of water.

The 50s: Cell Renewal Decreases
Description: Wrinkles and sagging increase, while cell renewal decreases dramatically. Skin becomes thinner and retains less water.

Recommendations: Continue moisturizing face, neck and hands religiously, switching to cream cleansers and heavier moisturizers if needed. Keep up regular exercise and other good health habits.

The 60s: Attitude is Important
Description: Wrinkles and sagging due to age, rather than sun damage, start to show up now. Your face, neck and hands are in better shape if you have practiced a lifetime of good health habits and protected your skin from the sun.

Recommendations: Continue to cleanse, moisturize and wear sunscreen. A positive attitude, enthusiasm for living and concern for others will help you stay youthful looking.

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