50 things to do when bored while visiting relatives

Here are 50 fun things to do while visiting your relatives.
We have all been there, the dreaded family reunion weekend, visiting with your in-laws, or your own parents. Boredom has struck you and you probably aren’t the only one affected. You are just the only one to admit it and remedy the situation! Try these activities and suggestions.

1. Play truth or dare. You may find out some very interesting tidbits about your Aunt Thelma or your own mother. Take care not to incriminate your youthful mistakes! (Or go ahead and confess!).

2. If you are visiting someone who knows a hobby that you have not learned–learn it! Nothing will pass the time faster than Granny teaching you to knit or quilt.

3. Too many cooks in the kitchen can be a learning experience. You want to know how to make your mother’s cookies–make them with her! You can take notes from the master.

4. Immerse yourself in that work that you have been stalling. Hey, there is such a thing as too much togetherness!

5. Catch up on some sleep. Go to bed early and/or sleep late. Let your mother-in-law cook breakfast!

6. Spend quality time with your children. Read to them, talk, or play board games.

7. Watch the television. My relatives always have a million more channels than my frugal home!

8. Help around the house. Do some light cleaning to help you family?

9. Take a walk around the neighborhood and meet the neighbors.

10. Go out and see the local sights.

11. Go shopping. Find some good deals.

12. Go to garage sales.

13. Walk the dog. The family pet will love the attention.

14. Surf the net on your laptop.

15. Call up old friends.

16. Sleep in your old bedroom at your parents’ house.

17. Take a long drive to see the area your family lives in.

18. Take a family member to the movies.

19. Cook something special for everyone.

20. Do yard work. Even your in-laws hate mowing! Help them out!

21. Fluff the couch cushions.

22. If you take your kids–clean up after them!

23. Hug everyone.

24. Make sure everyone knows where to mail Christmas cards and vice versa.

25. Load or unload the dishwasher.

26. Take out the trash.

27. Make your bed in your guest room.

28. Clean the bathroom!

29. Check your car for the trip home.

30. Organize your clothes in your suitcase.

31. Iron wrinkled clothes.

32. Dust! Everybody hates that chore!

33. Sit outdoors and enjoy your family time.

34. Count your blessings.

35. Get to know your family’s lineage.

36. Look at old photos and ask who is who.

37. Get copies of the photos of your great great great grand parents.

38. Talk about your ancestors.

39. Make a family tree.

40. Choose future baby names from relatives’ names.

41. Trace your heritage.

42. Ask old married couples how they met.

43. Ask those same couples how they stayed together.

44. Work on your own marriage.

45. Talk to your spouse.

46. Learn how to make his grandmother’s peanut butter cake.

47. List everyone’s birthdays.

48. Let everyone know you want to get together again.

49. Tell your family you love them.

50. Kiss them good-bye and GO HOME!

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