25 things to do with your husband

Learn 25 wonderful things to do with your husband.

One of the keys to a successful relationship is finding time for each other. However, another key is spending quality time together. Following are 25 ways to rev up the time you spend with your husband.

1. Read together. Creating your own little book club is a great way to find common interests, stimulate conversation and bond. It will give you a lot to talk about and provides a nice way to spend some quiet time together.
2. Walk in the rain. Bundled up or not, heading out into the rain is a great way to be spontaneous and get exercise. It is erotic and will create a lasting memory.

3. Clean the house. No one likes doing chores, but misery does love company. So pitch in to do the cleaning together, and then treat yourselves to a nice dinner. You will both enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

25 things to do with your husband

4. Take a drive to a not-so-faraway land. Pull out a map and point to a location not more than a few hours from your house, then go explore. Everyone like to feels adventurous even if it is close to home.

5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital, etc. Pick out a cause that you both agree on and volunteer some of your time. There’s no better feeling than giving to others, especially when you do it together.

6. Pick out a room in your home and redecorate it. Being creative is a great way to expend energy. While it may be hard to agree on a color, the outcome is something you’ll have forever.

7. Shop. Go shopping together and pick out an outfit for each other. It’s a great way to know what your significant other likes and you’ll always have something to wear.

8. Have an at home spa night. Get a salt body scrub, a face mask and some massage oil. Then dim the lights, play some soft music and enjoy!

9. Stay home sick. Everyone needs a day off once in a while. What better way to spend a “sick day” than at home in bed with your spouse.

10. Have a romantic dinner at home. Plan the menu, go grocery shopping and cook together. Then play soft music, light candles and set the table with the china you never use. You choose the dress code and don’t forget dessert.

11. Create a CD. Download songs that remind you of your past and create an audio keepsake.

12. Make a to-do list. Create a list of the top 5 things you want to do in the next ten years. Creating goals and reaching them together is a great way to bond.

13. Buy an expensive bottle of champagne. Everyone deserves to enjoy the good life. So splurge, then find the perfect occasion to pop the cork.

14. Plant trees. Each pick out a tree and plant them in your yard. It’s good for the environment and you can watch it grow – just like your relationship.

15. Join a fantasy football team. Since most guys love sports, this is a great way to honor some of his interests. You will have a reason to watch football every Sunday and a little healthy competition can be good.

16. Go bike riding. Take a bike ride to a coffee shop, a bookstore or around the neighborhood. You get good exercise and it’s always nice to have the wind blowing through your hair.

17. Light candles. One night, turn off all the lights in your house and light all the candles. Most of us never light the candles in our house. You will be surprised what a difference a little mood lighting makes.

18. Have your own poker party. Make appetizers, pour a cocktail and shuffle the cards. Poker is easy to learn and you will have fun trying to “bluff’ each other.

19. Buy 300-thread count sheets. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so why not make it as comfortable as possible. Go sheet shopping together, and feel different sheets. You will be amazed at the difference.

20. Go to a drive-in movie. There are still a few drive-in movie theaters out there. So find one near you, pack a blanket and snuggle in the back sheet for a good show.

21. Make chocolate covered strawberries. It’s easy to do, just plug in the fondue pot, melt the chocolate and dip. It’s a fun activity to do together and you will have the perfect dessert for a romantic evening.

22. Have an Oscar party. Find out when the Academy Awards ceremony is on television, create a ballot and select your favorite nominees. Then settle on the couch with your favorite munchies and see who guessed the most winners right on the ballot. You will also have someone to gossip with about the clothes.

23. Find a photo booth and smile. It only costs a few dollars, but at least you will have something to show for it. Smile, stick out your tongues or kiss, you will enjoy looking at them for years.

24. Go camping. It is inexpensive and there are a lot of beautiful locations to choose from. It’s a great way to spend some quiet time while getting back to the basics.

25. Find lemons and make lemonade. There’s nothing better on a hot day than a nice cool glass of lemonade. Especially if it is a homemade glass. All you need is lemons, water, sugar and ice.

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