25 things to do when bored to improve your life

If you find yourself bored and with a nothing to do, you don’t have to sit home alone. Use the time to improve your life. Here’s 25 ways that you can do it.

So you have a free day. You’re bored silly and looking for something to do. When this happens, it’s easy to end up lounging in front of the TV all day, but there are other alternatives. You could use this time to do something to improve your life instead!

Here are 25 things to do that can help make your life a little bit better:

1. Plant a windowsill herb garden. Nothing is better than having an abundance of fresh herbs to add to your cooking, so why not grow your own? Go to a garden store and buy potting soil and seeds for fragrant herbs like basil, chives, mint and rosemary. Plant in small clay pots or plastic cups with a drainage hole poked in the bottom. Cover with plastic to keep the soil moist and wait for your herbs to start sprouting!

2. Exercise. Take a long walk to clear your head or try something different like yoga or Pilates– rent a tape to teach you how to do it. Or, stop by your local YMCA or gym to see if they offer free one-day passes. Do a complete workout using their equipment and go for a swim.

25 things to do when bored to improve your life

3. Read free magazines at the library. Most libraries have a large variety of magazine selections. Relax in the quiet library and read magazines that you don’t normally subscribe to.

4. Cook yourself a healthy meal. Are you always worried about what everyone else wants to eat and think you’re not important enough to cook for? Make a meal full of healthful ingredients to nourish your body. Don’t worry if your kids don’t like what you make– do it for you! Use this meal as a kick start to a healthier eating plan.

5. Whiten your teeth. There are lots of at-home tooth whitening kits on the market today. Pick one out and start yourself on the road to a dazzling smile.

6. Learn something new. Go online and print out instructions for how to change the oil in your car or how to crochet. Do something that you’ve never done before!

7. Open a savings account. Even if you already have other bank accounts, open a secret account just for yourself. Make the commitment to deposit a small amount into it each week and watch as the balance grows.

8. Spend the day with a child. Even if you have kids of your own, do something with a child that you don’t usually spend time with, like a niece, nephew or friend of a child. It’s wonderful to see the world through a child’s eyes and you’ll get to know the child a little better.

9. Organize your closets. Throw out those business suits from 10 years ago and your old, stained maternity clothes. Take every single item out of your closets and organize clothes into 3 piles: clothes to keep, clothes to donate to Goodwill and clothes to toss out.

10. Do something nice for a stranger. Let someone ahead of you in line or pay for the person behind you at the tollbooth or restaurant drive-thru. The recipient will be shocked by your good gesture and it may just change both of your lives.

11. Volunteer. Go to a retirement home or a homeless shelter and offer your services for the day. It will be a rewarding experience for you and you may find that it is something you’ll want to do on an ongoing basis.

12. Get creative. Paint a picture or write a song. If you haven’t painted in years, get out the watercolors and paint a landscape on canvas. Or, put your writing skills to use and write a song. Sing it around the house until your whole family knows the tune.

13. Get a massage. Relieve tension by taking in an hour long massage. You’ll find that your stress will disappear and you may just fall asleep!

14. Pamper yourself. Go to a salon and treat yourself to a manicure pedicure, haircut, or highlights. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll look great too.

15. Call an old friend. Reconnect with a friend or old classmate that you haven’t talked to in a while. You can reminisce about old times and get to know each other again.

16. Write a letter— not an e-mail! In this age of high technology, letter writing is a lost art form. Buy some pretty stationery and write a letter to a grandparent, aunt or uncle.

17. Start an online blog. Join a free online blog site and start an online journal. You can record daily events or just vent about things that are going on in your life. It’s fun to read other blogger’s comments to your entries and you may just meet a new friend.

18. Try to kick a bad habit. Whether it’s smoking, biting your nails or driving too fast, start nipping your bad habits in the bud today.

19. Buy some stock. Buy a few shares of an inexpensive stock and track it’s progress. You may just make money on it.

20. Get your portrait taken. Get dressed up and go to a one hour photo studio at the mall. After you pose for your portraits, shop or eat lunch for an hour and then go back to pick up your photos.

21. Study the art of Feng Shui. Go to the library and check out a book about this ancient Chinese philosophy, which centers on how your living environment affects your life. Put its principles to work in your home and see if good fortune comes your way.

22. Plan a vacation. Even if money is tight, plan a small weekend getaway to recharge yourself. Book a hotel and plan a brief itinerary.

23. Start a book club. Call a few friends and start a book club. Pick the first club selection and plan a date for a book club dinner when you are all finished reading.

24. Listen to music. Dust off all your old albums, tapes and CD’s and take a musical walk down memory lane. Play tunes that you liked in high school and ballads that remind you of old loves. You will be amazed at the memories that the songs bring back.

25. Make a scrapbook. Gather up all of those family photos that are thrown in boxes and start a scrapbook. There are a variety of scrapbook kits that you can buy, as well as cropping tools, stickers, etc. If you need help, look online or check out a book on scrapbooking from the library to get you started.

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