20 Questions to Help You Pick the Perfect Diet

When you can’t stay on a diet, do you say to yourself, This diet just doesn’t work. Or, do you say to yourself, I just can’t stay on a diet. It is likely that neither statement is true. Dieting success or failure has a lot to do with finding a really good fit between you and a particular diet. There is no one diet that is good for everyone. Even the latest, trendiest, lowest carb, quickest, fanciest, easiest, best selling diet won’t work unless it’s really right for you.

Here are 20 questions to ask yourself before you go out there and buy a diet book or join a local diet group or sign up for prepackaged diet meals. It is worth the time it takes to consider these very important things, because it will help to make your diet really work this time.

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20 Questions to Help You Pick the Perfect Diet

20 Essential Diet Questions

  1. Do I want to do a lot of cooking?
  2. Would I prefer to buy pre-made food?
  3. Do I want to go somewhere to get weighed each week?
  4. Do I need the support of a diet counselor?
  5. Is there a diet I’ve tried before that I really like?
  6. Would it help to diet with a friend?
  7. What would be the healthiest way for me to eat?
  8. What diet would not leave me hungry?
  9. Would I like to try creating my own diet?
  10. Do I like a plan that limits portions?
  11. Do I like a plan that limits types of food?
  12. Do I know someone who has been successful on a particular diet?
  13. Would I like to try going to a nutritionist?
  14. Do I need group diet support?
  15. Would it be easiest for me to try an online weight-loss plan?
  16. Do I need a plan that is quick weight-loss—or a slower, more long-term plan?
  17. Which plan might be the best for me given the amount of weight I have to lose?
  18. Do I want a weight-loss plan that incorporates a specific exercise regimen?
  19. Do I need a diet that I can easily do on vacations?
  20. Do I like to have a diet book that I can keep close by?

You are an individual with very personal tastes, needs, ideas, and your own particular lifestyle. Whatever weight-loss plan you choose, it must fit easily with who you are and the way you wish to live. If you go on a diet that conflicts with your life in any important way, you are doing yourself a disservice. The beauty of picking a plan specifically tailored to you is that it greatly enhances your ability to succeed.

It is also important to realize that even if you take your time in making your choice, it still may turn out not to be the right one. You might start on the diet, even do it successfully for a while, and then find, for one reason or another, it’s not really good for you. Stay flexible if you can. There is nothing wrong with changing diets midstream. It would be much better to switch than to force yourself to stick to a plan that is making you uncomfortable and unhappy. There are so many good diets out there. If you do end up changing your mind in the middle of your weight-loss process, this will give you an even better chance to pick a diet that is good for you. You will know much more about what you don’t want in a diet.

Don’t ever feel as though you are stuck just because you have made a less than perfect choice. Sometimes, finding the right diet really is a process of trial and error. You might even discover that a diet you had tried before, one that maybe you really did like a lot, doesn’t do well for you at this point. Or, you may find a diet that didn’t appeal to you before now sounds like a good idea. We are all changing all the time—our needs and our tastes and our life situations are ever evolving. Just as there is no one diet for everyone, there is also no one diet that will fit your own needs at every point in your life.

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